Fresh, energetic design with convenient, efficient functions

With styling that’s both practical and appealing, each of these models is a pleasure to use and makes a sleek, handsome addition to the office décor. Each is a good workmate, too, with a long list of features that let you work smarter, more comfortably, and more productively.




Caller ID Compatible for Smooth Communication

When an outside call is being received, the phone number is displayed. This enables you to check who is calling before picking up the handset. Caller information for the last 30 callers is also logged in the caller list.

30 Call Logs Retained

The retention of 30 call logs makes it convenient to redial or check the call history.

Redial the Latest 5 Numbers

The latest 5 numbers in the call log can be redialed.


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Caller ID Compatible
No Battery Required for Immediate Use