Newly Designed Digital Proprietary Telephone

This Range Of Easy To Use, Advanced Business Class Telephone Devices Are Designed For Effective Daily Communications. Connected To Panasonic Telecommunications Systems, They Provide A Wide Range Of Features To Support The Right Solution For All Your Business Applications.




Navigator Key

The navigator key allows fast, one touch access to multiple phone system functions. The ergonomically designed navigation key makes it easy to go through phone system feature menus.

Flexible CO Buttons

One-touch function access Flexible CO Buttons save time and effort. These keys can be used to store telephone numbers, or access frequently used phone system features.

Add-on 12 CO Key Module/ 60 DSS Console

These option works as not only DSS keys but also Flexible CO Buttons.

Other Features:

• 3-line backlit LCD display
• 24 flexible CO buttons
• Digital Speakerphone
• Bluetooth® module (option : KX-NT307)
• Add-on 12-key module (option : KX-NT303)
• 60-DSS console (option : KX-DT390)
• USB module (option : KX-DT301)


3-Line Backlit LCD Display
24 Flexible CO Buttons
Digital Speakerphone