Newly Designed IP Telephones Take You To A New Dimension In Audio Experience, Communications Productivity And Customer Care.




Navigator Key

The Navigator key allows fast, one touch access to multiple phone system functions. The ergonomically designed navigator key makes it easy to go through phone system feature menus.

Second Ethernet Port

Reduce cable clutter on your desktop and reduce cost of cabling by using the built-in second Ethernet port to connect your personal computer (or other IP network device) to the IP network without the cost of additional cabling.

Flexible CO Buttons

One-touch function access Flexible CO Buttons save time and effort. These keys can be used to store telephone numbers, or access frequently used phone system features.

Other Features:

• 6-line backlit display
• 24 flexible CO buttons
• Digital Speakerphone
• 2 Ethernet ports (100 Base-T)
• Power-over-Ethernet (PoE)
• Bluetooth® module (option)
• Add-on 12-key module (option : KX-NT303) or add-on 60-key module (option : KX-NT305)


6-Line Backlit Display
24 Flexible CO Buttons
Digital Speakerphone