Integrated Telephone System

The Integrated Telephone System combines function and design to meet a wide range of business situations. All required functions are designed based on special business specifications and ensure extremely easy operation.




Restriction Call

Restricting phones places in locations where people other than employees are present enables enhanced security.

Hands-Free Conversation

You can use the speakerphone for hands-free conversation. Since you don’t need to pick up the handset, this enables you to do other work while having a conversation.

New Business-use ITS

To reliably support all business activities, the Integrated Telephone System features a wide range of indispensable functions, a comfortable handset and 2-Step Tilt Angle.

Other Features:

• Caller ID Compatible
• Caller ID Memory (50 Entries)
• 20 Stations Redial Memory
• One Touch Dial (3 Stations)
• Speakerphone
• Data Port
• Phonebook (50 Entries)
• Dial Lock
• Call Restriction
• Additional Answering Machine


Product Image
Caller ID Compatible
Caller ID Memory (50 Entries)
20 Station Redial Memory