In-Ear Headphones RP-HJX20


Powerful Bass in Compact Body

Presenting the world's first* Dual Axial Drive. Two magnets and coils drive the diaphragm for faithful, powerful vocals and high-quality sound with great response..




Clear, Powerful Bass

Dual Axial Drive

These are the world's first* earphones with a Dual Axial Drive. A second coil and neodymium magnet are added to the speaker diaphragm. Powerful magnetic forces from both front and rear effectively drive the diaphragm to produce powerful yet crisp, clear sound.

Rich, Robust Bass

Rich, Robust Bass

Bass Boost Chamber

Aluminum chambers suppresses unwanted vibration to achieve clear sound with minimal distortion. And the large space inside the housing produces rich, full-textured bass.

Direct Powerful Sound

Axial design

In order to maximize the Dual Axial Drive capability, the sound path has an axial design. Powerful bass sounds are sent directly to the ears.

Driver Characteristics Enhance Sound Delivery

Long, Straight Port & Comfortable Fit

A long, straight port and newly designed earpiece are used to optimize the large-diameter (13.5mm) Dual Axial Drive. This sends crisp, powerful sound directly to the ears. The earpieces fit snugly into the ears to stay comfortably in place. The airtight structure blocks external sounds for enhanced musical enjoyment.


In-Ear Headphones RP-HJX20
Rich, Poweful Bass
Dual Axial Drive, Bass Boost Chamber
Clear Sound
Aluminum Housing, Oxygen-free Copper Cord
Comfortable Fit
Long, Straight Port, New Ear Piece

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