Gentle Foam Epilation

Use in the bath or shower for a gentle epilation with soap or gel. Warm water and soap will soften the skin and open the pores, allowing for smooth hair removal from the root.




Skin Guard

The gentle skin guard holds skin in place, so the epliator pulls only on the hair from the root and not on the skin. The result is easy, longerlasting hair removal.

Gentle skin guard




The Ultimate Hair Removal Tool

Multiple attachments provide all over care, from hair removal to exfoliation, with just one tool.

Beginner Cap      Gentle Cap      Foot Care Head                 Legs                 Arms               Underarms

Epilation Head   Shaver Head       Bikini Comb                Bikini Line          Foot care




LED Light

The built-in light illuminates your skin so it’s easier to see stray hairs.

Gentle Skin Guard

The gentle skin guard holds skin in place, so the epilator pulls only the hair and not the skin.

Dual Disc

Two hair removal discs grip hair effectively for fast epilation. The plates align evenly to capture even short hair and pull it from the root.

Gentle Foot Care

The wide polishing stone rotates automatically to quickly and gently smooth calluses and dry, hardened skin. No need for scrubbing.


Head attachments