Innovative technology for an intimate shaving experience

• Lamdash 5-Blade Shaver
• Multi-fit arc blades
• Fast 14,000 cpm direct linear motor




• Multi-fit arc shaving head

• Omnidirectional floating 5 blades

• Nano technology 30-degree inner blades

• 14,000 cpm direct linear motor

• Floating selector

• Double-slit center blade

• Sonic vibration cleaning mode

• LED display

  - 5-stages battery capacity indicator

  - Charge status lamp

• Ergonomic design

• Pop-up trimmer

• Cord/Cordless operation

• Universal voltage

• Pouch

Finishing foil
Nano-polished blades
Sonic vibration cleaning mode

Multi-fit arc blades

Fit uniformly against the skin under chin, so close shaving can be achieved over the entire surface

Equipped with the finishing outer foil

The finishing outer foil, as thin as 41µm at its thinnest, closely shaves difficult-to-cut facial hair that the ordinary 60µm thick outer foil could not achieve

Nano technology 30-degree inner blades cut close to the root for an even finer shave

Ergonomic design