Hair Dryer EH-NE70


Healthy speedy drying with ion for glossy hair





Two external ion outlets

Negative ions are blown out independently from an outlet separate from the hot air outlet. Thanks to this independent system, the negative ion moisturizing effect is increased.

1. Moisture penetrates deep into hair cuticle.
2. Negative ions & moisture coat the surface of the hair.

*All illustrations are representations only.

Hot/Cool twin flow

As the dryer is moved, cool air strikes the hair immediately after hot air. This makes each individual hair hang more naturally and hair looks somooth and glossy.

Healthy quick drying nozzle

Healthy quick drying nozzle emits alternating strong and weak airflows which separate hair strands to dry hair efficiently and rapidly.

Ion charg

When you clasp the Ion Charge Panel on the grip, the negative charge on the surface of hair is reduced enabling negative ions emitted from the dryer to more easily penetrate hair.

Healthy mode

50°C healthy mode for quick drying to prevent hair damage from excessive heat.

Diffuser for bouncy finish

Creates volume and dries hair without blowing out the curls.


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2 external ion outlets
Hot/Cool twin flow
Diffuser for bouncy finish


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