Hair Straightener EH-HS95




nanoe™ for glossy straight hair

nanoe™ for glossy straight hair

Moisture-packed nanoe are generated from air holes at the tip of the plates to moisturize your hair while styling, and prevent heat-caused moisture evaporation and damage to hair. Tones the cuticles and balances your hair's moisture content to create a lustrous appearance.

Advanced stable heater

Advanced stable heater

Advanced stable heater prevents the iron plate from lowering temperature and improves the hair straightening performance by 35%.*

* Compared with Panasonic conventional heater at 200°C.
Hair Straightening performance when straightening 10 hair bundles continuously

Test Results by Intertek
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EH-HS95 Reference # :13YO04006-1

5 temperature setting

You can set the temperature to 150/170/180/190/200°C to match the condition of your hair or your styling needs.

Intelligent sensing system

Plate temperature falls to 170°C by detecting a certain period of non use.
A power supply is automatically shut off in 60 minutes.

Ceramic coating

Ceramic-coated plates for smooth gliding.


Hair Straightener EH-HS95
nanoe™ enhance straightening performance
5-Step temperature setting
Ceramic coating


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