Oral Care EW-DJ10


Gentle and Effective for Good Oral Health









Water Jet Flow

The water jet effectively cleans debris between teeth that was missed during brushing. The fast and refreshing rush of water removes debris that causes plaque in hard-to-reach areas. The intermittent water streams gently stimulate and massages the gums.

The water jet pleasantly stimulates the gums with intermittent water streams.

The water jet reaches into the hard-to-reach periodontal pockets and washes away food particles, which cause plaque.



Compact and Portable

After use, push down so that the nozzle and unit fit inside of the water tank. Perfect for use at home or while traveling.



Two Speed Water Jet Flow

Choose from 2 water jet power settings.

1: Soft mode:
For gentle use.

2: Normal mode:
For normal use.



Easy-fill Water Tank

Water tank holds 5.5 oz (165 ml)


100% waterproof, washable for hygienic maintenance.

Storable Nozzle

Compact and portable detachable nozzle.


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