Maximum Savings, Effortlessly.

● Capacity:
● Intelligent Inverter - Energy savings
  up to 20% (MELS rating: 3 ticks)
● Double Bio Deodorizer
● Quick Freezing
● LED Light Illumination   




Reduced Energy Consumption With Inverter Compressor

Unlike conventional compressor, it is not repeated action of on/ off. It can adjust to the circumstance with different rotation speed. By using different rotation speed it can realize energy savings.

Enjoy a Sleep-Easy Level of Quiet

Regular operating noise has been reduced by the frequency of other sounds, such as the power switching on and off has been minimized.

CFC-Free Refrigerant Minimal Impact on Ozone Layer Damage and Global Warming

To protect the environment, Panasonic has completely elimintaed the use of CFCs. The new refrigeratn R600a is efficient and safe, and has minimal impact on the ozone layer and global warming.

Cold air at a temperature of -40̊ C *¹ rapidly freezes hot food

An intense blast of cold air at a temperature of about -40̊ C, the same as that of industrial refrigerators, rapidly freezes items and preserves flavor.

Double Bio Deodorizer

Two active enyzmes effectively work to eliminate the odors that react to each one.
N-bio catalyst remove unpleasant odours from fish and meat, while S-bio catalyst reduces unpleasant odours from rotten fruits and vegetables.
Ion Deodorizer: Negative ions are generated and circulated in the fridge to freshen the interior air.

Fresh Vegetable Cassette:
Wasabi preserves the healthy
nutrients in food.