Maximum Savings, Effortlessly.

● Capacity:
● ECONAVI - Intelligent Eco Sensors
● Intelligent Inverter - Energy savings
  up to 40% (MELS rating: 4 ticks)
● New Fresh Freezing & Quick Ice
● Anti-bacterial deodorizing Ag clean




Up to 40% Reduced Energy Consumption With Intelligent Inverter

Panasonic's intelligent inverter refrigerator utilize 7 power settings to match both the temperature inside the refrigerator and the amount of food stored. Full-power operation is selected when the door is frequently opened and closed, while minimum power operation is selected when it is infrequently opened and closed to dramatically reduce electricity consumption

Enjoy a Sleep-Easy Level of Quiet

Regular operating noise has been reduced by 4dB and the frequency of other sounds, such as the power switching on and off has been minimized.

Energy Saving LED Lights

Using only 1/10 the electricity of conventional lights, LED lights reduce energy consumption and save you money. Plus, they're very long-lasting, so you don't have to worry about replacing them. It also thoroughtly illuminates the inside of the refrigerator, making it easier to see within.

CFC-Free Refrigerant Minimal Impact on Ozone Layer Damage and Global Warming

To protect the environment, Panasonic has completely elimintaed the use of CFCs. The new refrigeratn R600a is efficient and safe,and has minimal impact on the ozone layer and global warming.

Intelligent ECO Sensors Technology

ECONAVI uses a Door Sensor and Lighting Sensor to detect the family's lifestyles patterns. Then it will learn and predict when doors are often opened, and also detect room brightness, letting the refrigerator to operate at the optimum power adapting to the lifestyle patterns of any family.

1. Door Sensor - detects the frequency of door opening/ closing
2. Lighting Sensor - detects surrounding brightness
3. Room Temperature Sensor - detects surrounding temperature
4. Internal Temperature Sensor - detects temperature inside refrigerator

ECONAVI Automatic Operation Mechanism

SMART ECO - Daily life pattern over a period of three weeks are memorized and analyzed.
NIGHT ECO - ECONAVI then predicts when the refrigerator is often used and when isn't, and automatically adjusts the internal temperature to the optimum level for those times.

Fully-preserved freshness, "Fresh Freezing" preserve the flavour.

Fridge freezes food 5 times faster than our conventional models.

Quick freezing reduces loss of flavor from your foods when it is defrosted.
Cross-sectional views of defrosted beef steaks (thigh) show the flavors are retained in the meat tissues.

AG Clean Anti-Bacterial & Deodorizing

Ag Ions inactivate up to 99%* of bacteria and mould and also a stronger deodorizing effect.


Silver has as powerful anti-bacterial effect,
inactivating up to 99% of mold and bacterial
inside the refrigerator. This effect is semi-permanent
so there's no need to replace it.


An active enzyme effectively resolves unpleasant fish
and vegetable odors.

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