Vacuum Cleaner MC-CG300 series

MC-CG300 series



Ultra-Lightweight, Portable Design

with ergonomic handle on the body, the vacuumcan easily be carried up and down stairs or comfortably held for above-floor cleaning.

Lovely round form and brilliant colors in small size.

Compact unit easy to handle and run. Not space-occupying for storage.

Power-saving eco-conscious design.

But higher-power suction motor sucks dust steadily and quickly.

HEPA Filter

The HEPA Filter captures small particles such as allergens, irritants and pollutants.

*MC-CG333 only

Blower Function

Snap the hose to the blower port and you have a simple way to blow off dirt from hard-to-reach nooks and crannies or collect it for non-vacuum cleaning.

*MC-CG300 only

3-Step Nozzle to reach tough-to-access spots without hassle.

You can reach narrow spaces, zones below couches and high spots to keep the entire house dust-free.

*MC-CG333 only

Powerful Motor

A high-performance motor offers great clean-up achievements.

Automatic Cord Reel

A single touch activates the cord rewind mechanism for easy and convenient storage.

Wide Cleaning Path

A wide nozzle lets you clean larger areas in less time.


Vacuum Cleaner MC-CG300 series
Ultra-Lightweight,Portable Design
Lovely round form and brilliant colors in small size
Power-saving eco-conscious design


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