Maximum Savings, Effortlessly.

•  Capacity : 8.0 kg, 1400rpm, LED
•  ECONAVI - Intelligent Eco Sensors
•  Intelligent Inverter - Industry No1. Energy Savings A -55%, HydroActive+
•  Superior washing performance with "SAZANAMI Drum" & 3D Sensor Wash
•  NEW washing programme for various lifestlye




New intelligent ECONAVI system with advanced technologies

• Highest water efficiency WELS 3 Ticks (6.13L./Kg) and energy efficiency of A+++
• New intelligent ECONAVI system with advanced inverter reduce water consumption up to 40% and power consumption up to 45%.
• New Hydroactive+ function further reduce washing time by enabling faster penetration of detergent and water into clothes.

New Convenient Programmes

• 16 washing programmes to fit various lifestyles. New programmes: Outdoor, Denim

&Sazanami& Drum with large capacity in standard size

• Realizes gentle washing while improving spin/drying performance
• Even with larger capacity,body size stays the same and fits neatly in regular kitchen space.