•  Washing Capacity: 7kg
•  Spin Speed: 0-1200 rpm
•  (A+++) Energy Efficiency and Water Saving by “HydroActive”
•  Auto load sensor & Foam Sensor
•  Easy to Load & Unload by 330 mm Wide Drum Inlet
•  Safe & Aesthetic by “Double Layer Door”
•  12 Programmed Wash Courses




HydroActive Technology

Panasonic's front-load washing machines with Hydro-Active technology are so smart, sensitive and eco-friendly that they are sure to become the love of your life. The two unique water nozzles helps in dissolving the detergent faster and penetrates through the clothes better. As a result your washing time is shorter and you get to save time, water and precious energy.

A+++ Certified for ultimate energy savings
The newest Panasonic washing machines are kind to the environment two-fold:they save both precious energy and water, helping you to make a difference. It has got A+++ certification from European Union Energy label, So you can save as much energy and water as possible with every wash. Plus, they provide quiet operation for a more enjoyable washing experience.

Water usage 6.4 ltrs./kg***
Panasonic washing machines give us maximum washing performance with minimum water consumption. The auto load sensor detects how large the load of laundry is, reducing the water consumption to the necessary levels.

Rapid Wash in just 15 mins.
A dedicated programme that Wash, rinse and spin clothes, all in 15 mins. Ideal for lightly soiled clothes. Suitable when you are tight on time and the clothes which needs to be washed are not very dirty.

Convenience and ease of use go hand in hand

Widest Drum Inlet
Panasonic's new range of front-load washing machines will make you fall in love with the chore of washing clothes. Its unique 330 mm wide door opening makes it easier for you to load and unload big cloth materials like towels, bed sheets, etc. Not just that, while the washing is in process, you can keep an eye through the huge glass door of the drum in front. It&s fun to watch your machine work!

Safety First

Double Layer Door
Panasonic can pride itself in possessing the unique feature of two layer door in its Front Load washing machines which prevent injury caused by the hot surface of glass during high temperature washing at 60 to 90 degrees. Furthermore, the smooth door surface enables easy cleaning after usage.

It senses for your savings

Panasonic's dual sensor technology detects washing conditions and save energy and water even with half or partial loads.

Auto Load Sensor
The auto load sensor can detect how large the load of laundry is, reducing the water and energy consumption to the necessary levels.

Foam Sensor
In case of overdosing of detergent, too much foam is produced hindering performance. The foam sensor can detect too much foam and reduce it by adding water and so ensuring the best washing result.


7.0 Kg Washing Capacity
Spin Speed: 0-1200 rpm
Energy Consumption : 0.80 kwh


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