Eco + Powerful = SMART Washing

•  Capacity: 10.0kg
•  Industry top level water savings by new Aqua Spin Rinse & Wate Save Course
•  Higher Washing Performance with SAZANAMI Drum & Dancing Water Flow
•  New convenient washing programme Baby Care course & Fragrance course
•  Auto restart function




Aqua Spin Rinse(NEW!)

-New "aqua Spin Rinse"reduces water usage during rinsing with high speed spin,savin!
15% more water.The new "Water Save Couse" adds up to 47% water savings-great for families that do a lot of laundry every day.


-Dancing Water Flow generates stronger water flow and squeezing effect by controlling the pulsator's rotational speed,resulting in effective cleansing power.
-Inner surface of SAZANAMI drum assures minimal damage to clothes and efficient spin-drying

Fragrance & Baby Care Coruse(NEW!)

-New "Fragrance Course" keeps clothes good smelling and retains the softener fragrand
-New "Baby Care Course" designed for bables & those with sensitive skin Triple Soak Rinse thoroughly eliminates residual laundry soap.
-Big Cassette Lint Fliter & Auto Restart function