Hand Wash Less, Enjoy Life More

•  Capacity: 7.5kg
•  Optimize energy and water savings with Aqua Spin Rinse & Water Save Course
•  Higher Washing Performance with SAZANAMI Drum, Dancing Water Flow and Power Wash Course
•  Convenient programmer like Gentle Hand Wash




Aqua Spin Rinse(NEW!)

- New “qua Spln Rinse” reduces water usage during rinsing with high speed spin,saving 15% more water. The new “Water Save Course” adds up to 47% water saving – great for families that do a lot of laundry everyday.


- Inner surface of SAZANAMI drum assures minimal damage to clothes and efficient spin-drying.
- Dancing Water Flow generates stronger water flow and squeezing effect by controlling the pulsator’s rotational speed, rrsulting in effective cleansing power.

Gentle Hand Wash

- Washing delicate items using the unique care net prevents damages to fabrics due to clothes being rubbed by the pulsator.
- Ability to wash a grenter variety of clothes such as lace dresses & lingerie etc.