Maximum Savings, Effortlessly.

•  Capacity: 14.0kg, Aqua Crystal Glass Lid
•  ECONAVI - Intelligent Eco Sensors
•  Intelligent Inverter - Up to 40% Energy Savings
•  Excellent Washing Performance with New Shower Rinse and Dancing Water Flow
•  Convenient programmer like Gentle Hand Wash
•  Air Dry & Tub Hygiene




New ECONAVI Intelligent Eco Sensors

- Reduces approx. 20% of both water & energy consumptions; approx. 17% on washing time

- Detects water temperature/wash load and automatically provides optimum energy-saving operation

Intelligent Inverter Motor

- Reduces approx. 40% of both water & energy consumptions

- Flexibly controls motor rotation speed based on information from the ECONAVI sensors

Eco & Powerful Washing Performance

- Dancing Water Flow - Unique to Panasonic; Agitates clothes thoroughly even with little water

- AquaBeat Wash - Triple motion water flow

- New Shower Rinse - New rinsing method that realizes more water savings