Minimize Energy Use. Maximum Space.

• Capacity: 196L
• Up to 20% Energy Saving
• Twin Jumbo Freezer & big vegetable case
• Anti-bacterial deodorizing Ag clean
• Adjustable & Plastic Tray





Excellent Eco Performance for Maximum Savings - Up to 20%* Savings

Featuring highly evolved energy-saving functions, the new Twin Jumbo is an environmentally-conscious refrigerator. Thanks to the highly efficient compressor and precise electronic control, it achieves up to 20% reduction in energy use.

*Compared to previous equivalent model NR-B21KX.

CFC-Free Refrigerant Minimal Impact on Ozone Layer Damage and Global Warming

To protect the environment, Panasonic has completely eliminated the use of CFCs to minimize the impact on the ozone layer and global warming.

Energy Saving LED Lights

Using only 1/10 the electricity of conventional lights, LED lights reduce energy consumption and save you money. Plus, they're very long-lasting,so you don't have to worry about replacing them. It also thoroughtly illuminates the inside of the refrigerator, making it easier to see within.

The spacious Jumbo Vegetable case lets you store larger, whole vegetables.

"Twin Jumbo" - Large Capacity Enables more food storage

The Jumbo Freezer*¹ (54L) lets you store even more food,
and to suit different sizes and amount of food inside.
The moveable icebox tray allows you to rearrange the
layout inside your refrigerator with ease.

*1 Volume measurement in accordance with ISO8561

Keeps Food and Fridge Clean For A Peace of Mind

Silver has a powerful anti-bacterial effect, drastically inactiving bacteria* inside the refrigertor.
* Staphylococcus aureus * Escherichia coli

An active enzyme also effectively removes unpleasant fish and vegetable odors.

* Certified by Japan Spinners Inspecting Foundation Laboratories. Test report number: No. 003557-1, 003557-2

Usability Interior Design

Adjustable Plastic Tray

Shelves can lowered or raised to suit the size of the food, and more efficient & convenient for storage.

Stylish design that suits any kitchen

Vertical Escutheon & Tension Curve

Flat Handle


Large capacity
"Twin Jumbo"-Large Capacity Enables BulkBuying
Fresh & Clean
KeepsFoond and Fridge CLean,Giving Peace of Mind
Excellent Eco Perfomance for Maximum Savings