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Housing development and urban planning
centered on the lives of people

A town is a place where people live, mingle, and grow up together. Bustling with human life, a town nurtures the livelihoods of people. It is a place where people come and go, build relationships, and form communities.
We believe it is our mission to create the foundation of urban development where the people are at its center, and where the town grows together with its residents.

A town may begin as single home, a condominium complex, or a place of business. No matter how big or how small, it’s a place where people exist. This is what becomes a town. Our goal is to build homes centered on the lives of people, and expand our scope to support the development of towns.

Building on our founder’s concept of a “good home,”
we want to create a “good town” that brings people together.

Centred on the philosophy of our founder, Mr Konosuke Matsushita, we strive to build a "good home" that connects people.

Based on our founder’s firm belief that a home is the most important thing in a person’s life, we want to build good homes that can live up to that standard. We want to hear about your dreams in order to help you build an ideal home for you and your family to live in—a home in which you can share your joy and feelings with each other. Today, our experience in building good homes has developed into our aspirations to help build good towns.

By combining the elements of construction and technology with the ideals of lifestyle and interior design, we build homes that foster a high quality of life.

We utilize our expertise cultivated from our experience in developing products such as electrical home appliances, facilities, and residences that connect people with their every day surroundings. The homes that we offer are built using leading edge technology and quality construction, while designing interiors and floor plans that are tailored to a high quality of living. We aim to become a company that inspires new concepts of home life—with careful consideration of the regional climate and culture, we hope to continue offering high quality living spaces that achieve comfort, healthy living, safety, and happiness.

Japanese-standard quality in construction and a wide range of technological capabilities

We harness the technology to build homes that can withstand environmental hazards such as high temperature and humidity, earthquakes, and storms, and achieve a level of quality in construction that boasts superb insulation and waterproofing. We demonstrate the technological strength refined by Japan’s strict housing standards.

Interior design and other concepts to help you realize the life of your dreams

We offer homes that host pleasant living spaces through expert interior design and the precise planning of facilities, storage spaces, lighting, and architectural furnishings, as well as floor planning that matches your lifestyle and family needs.

To improve the quality of life of those in the ASEAN region.
To be a life-long partner in quality living spaces.

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