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Interior design

Designing your dream home through careful arrangement of sanitary facilities, storage space, furnishings, and lighting

We will help you realize the life of your dreams by providing total support in designing your home. Leave it to us—we will arrange your electrical appliances and furnishing such as flooring, doors, interior design, lighting, and storage space. In order to provide comprehensive support for designing your home to accommodate a simple and stylish home life, we go through a careful selection of home furnishings and facilities to implement—our kitchens are designed to have large pantries, and living rooms feature inconspicuous storage spaces and soft, relaxing lighting.

Various interior designs that are tailored to your needs

We offer many designs for matching various tastes and cultures—natural designs using natural material to illuminate the entire room, modern designs that emphasize simple, urban styles, or even a resort-style designs for the ultimate comfort.

A comfortable space surrounded by the refreshing texture of natural wood. Creates a calming atmosphere of gentle solace.

Reflecting modern tastes in a unique and refined style. Simple expressions symbolize a stylish lifestyle.

A light and airy living space with a bright tone. A mix and match of colors, shapes and materials expressing a carefree, fun lifestyle.

A classic, rich interior arranged in a modern style. Feel the luxurious atmosphere.

Creates a naturally relaxing villa-like atmosphere.

Creates an original space with a perfect harmony of old and new.

An elegant home with an antique style like that found in the smart suburbs in France.

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