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Aesthetically pleasing designs are not our only focus. Our design proposals are based on the concepts of “Health,” “Safety and Relief,” “Relationships,” and “Effortless Housework.” These concepts are related to flow of housework, utility, and communication between family members. When building a home, you must take into account your current lifestyle while also preparing for your future. With the latest technology and a wealth of experience, Panasonic offers floor plans and interior design that is suited to you to make the most of your living space.

The concept of “Health”

Live in a healthy home with a comfortable environment protected from air pollution.

Every year, we face the problem of air pollution in the form of haze. In addition, we live in a hot and humid climate unique to the tropics. To combat these conditions, we use air-conditioning and ventilation systems that control the flow of air throughout the entire house. This allows us live in comfortable and healthy conditions while saving energy.

With “PURETECH”, make each day a healthy one by surrounding yourself with clean air.

You will need a device to keep polluted air and haze out of your home. In a Panasonic home, our original “Puretech” ventilation system keeps out not only pollen and dust, but also smaller particles such as PM2.5. By supplying your home with clean air, you will be able to live in a healthy environment with every corner of the house filled with fresh air.

The concept of “Safety and Relief”

Homes that ensure a lifetime of safety with combative and defensive security

We are committed to ensuring that your family feels safe every day, and to protect the valuable fortune that is your home. It is essential for children and their parents to feel secure and comfortable in their home. Our “combative security” system features 24-hour protection using motion sensor lights and surveillance cameras that deter and prevent crime, and our “defensive security” system features sturdy sliding window frames, secured doors, and double-locking mechanisms that protect against intrusions.

By employing both combative and protective crime prevention measures, Panasonic’s security system ensures comprehensive safety and security.

The concept of “Relationships”

Spend precious moments with the entire family.

We support individual and family needs in every stage of life by offering designs that fit your family structure. Our "future planning" design concept allows us to design homes that anticipate the needs of you and your family in the future.

Depending on family structure and the stages of life, we all make time for the things we need—time to spend with the kids, time to spend as a couple, time to improve upon ourselves—all of which must be accommodated in a home.

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The concept of “Effortless Housework”

Increase comfort while enjoying housework.

To make your every day life comfortable while enjoying housework with the whole family, it is important to have a design that allows household chores to flow efficiently. By placing an open kitchen in the center of your living and dining area, your family will naturally gather and converse. This encourages everyone in the family to help with housework, such as setting the table and cleaning up.

In addition, the right placement of storage spaces allows household tasks such as cleaning and laundry to go smoothly. When everyone does the housework together, family bonds become stronger. The homes we offer are designed for comfort and family communication.

Layout ideas <Effortless Housework>

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