• Easy Set Operator Panel Controls More Than 10 Functions
• Versatile Paper Handling
• Excellent Print Quality




24-Pin Dot Matrix Printer

Announcing the Panasonic KX-P1121, a narrow carriage 24-pin dot matrix printer designed for producing professional documents. This printer offers the opportunity of creating a variety of stylish page layouts by using a combination of three easily selectable letter quality fonts. The KX-P1121 also provides flexible paper handling facilities such as a push pinbelt tractor and rear & top paper feed paths. The combination of the KX-P1121's print speed and paper handling features makes it the ideal choice for both personal correspondence and the demands of busy modern day offices.

• Print Speed : 240 cps Draft Micron and 100 cps LQ
• Fonts : 3 Draft / 3 LQ
• Buffer : 14 KB (Standard) / 32 KB (Optional)

Easy Set Operator Panel Controls More Than 10 Functions -

• Fonts - 3 draft and 3 letter quality.
• Form length - 3 selections.
• Memo load.
• Perf-cut for 0' tear-off capability.
• Form feed.
• Line feed.
• On line.
• Power-on default settings.
• Hex dump.
• Self test.
• And more...

Versatile Paper Handling -

• Paper parking (Memo load)-Loads single sheets without removing or wasting continuous forms.
• Rear & top feeds give you a wide choice of paper paths.
• Perf-cut with 0" tear off capacity- Maximize printable area without wasting any paper forms.

Excellent Print Quality -

• The KX-P1121 offers resident multiple font capabilities, including 3 draft (draft pica, draft elite and draft micron) and 3 letter quality (Courier, Prestige and Bold PS).
• All fonts are available in eleven different character sizes ranging from 5 cpi through 20 cpi plus proportional spacing.
• Over 5500 type styles can be created by combining fonts, character sizes and enhancement modes such as italic, double high, double strike, emphasised, underline, subscript and superscript.
• 360 X 360 dpi resolution offers clear, crisp graphics.

Ergonomic Design for Convenience and Ease Of use-

• Pinbelt tractor feed for easier paper loading.
• All switches and levers are accessible from the top of the unit, within easy reach.
• Power cord and printer cable are out of the way of the paper path.