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ALL. Your music in every room

ALL. Your music in every room

Powerful Performance. Seamless Sound.


The Panasonic ALL Series

The New Multi-Room Audio System

Whether you're a Living Room Rocker, Bedroom Balladeer, Garden Groover or Kitchen Clubber... Listen to whatever you love, wherever you like with the new ALL Series wireless Hi-Fi speaker system from Panasonic.

The Panasonic ALL Series wireless speakers with AllPlay are the ultimate expandable multi-room audio system. A breeze to set up, it comprises the stylish SC-ALL8 wireless speaker, with 2x20w amplification and 40W integrated subwoofer, and the compact 2x 20w SC-ALL3. Using your Wi-Fi network, you can send the same music to multiple rooms simultaneously, or individual tracks to different rooms.

Spotify & ALL Series

The Perfect Partners thanks to Spotify Connect
LOVE YOUR SPOTIFY? ALL series comes with Spotify built-in making it the best possible way to enjoy Spotify premium at home.

Use the Spotify App that you already know and love to control your ALL Series and enjoy a truly seamless music experience.

ALL series has further great user benefits. Thanks to Spotify Connect music is streamed directly from Spotify over WiFi to your ALL Series meaning your phone/tablet is simply being used as a remote control.

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ALL3 ‘Good Product’

ALL3 ‘Good Product’
Nice multi room system and sounds really good. It's possible to use Spotify and another apps. Good price too.

Reviewed on: www.richersounds.com (14 Nov 2014)

ALL8 ‘Really good’

ALL8 ‘Really good’
Great sound system, design and price. I really liked ;)


Reviewed on: www.richersounds.com (20 Nov 2014)

ALL3 ‘Amazing speaker’

ALL3 ‘Amazing speaker’
Fabulous wireless speaker. sound is amazing. really sharp. defined base. So versatile with its small size. easy big enough for a kitchen or bedroom.

Reviewed on: www.richersounds.com (24 Sep 2014)

The multi-room sound wireless system is completed by the SH-ALL1C Network Audio Connector, used to integrate your existing audio equipment into the ALL series network, effectively upgrading your current hi-fi to multiroom control. Not only can the SH-ALL1C join an existing audio system into your multi-room network, it also features a high-quality 192-kHz/24-bit Digital-to-Analogue-Converter (DAC), designed to improve the audio performance of any connected audio component. It also sports a 192kHz/24bit Burr Brown TI DAC and gold-coated terminals, certain to keep audiophiles happy.

The Panasonic ALL Series multiroom speaker system is built around the Qualcomm AllPlay smart media platform. This means that any AllPlay products can be used with each other no matter who is the manufacturer. Used in conjunction with the Panasonic Music Streaming app, users can play stored music into any wireless zone, as well as stream music services such as Spotify and Internet radio such as AllPlay Radio.

Installation is quick and easy, using your existing wi-fi network. Once installed you can continue to add additional AllPlay enabled speakers into adjoining rooms. Music can be streamed to various speakers using either Party Mode, which plays a single sound source into all your wireless zones simultaneously, or Multi Zone, which can be used to stream specific music sources into specific zones. All can be controlled via the Panasonic Music Streaming app.

Panasonic ALL Series wireless speaker systems don’t just sound great; they look stylish too, with their unique oval-shaped sides. Both the SC-ALL3 and SC-All1C can stand either vertically or horizontally, making them easy to place in the home. Both the SC-ALL8 and SC-ALL3 employ advanced sound-enhancing technologies. The 2nd generation LincsD-Amp applies noise shaping technology which reduces jitter to a frequency range below the level that is audible to the human ear.  The SC-ALL8 incorporates a five-speaker system with a Nano Bamboo speaker cones for the woofer and tweeter; while the SC-ALL3 incorporates a four-speaker system.  Bamboo was chosen because this light, rigid material delivers a clear mid-to-high-frequency range. 

Boosting bass response from these conveniently small cabinets is XBS Master processing, with H.BASS technology which enables the reproduction of bass sounds of 80Hz or less. Proprietary Multi Band Gain Control is used to control audio distortion.

You can stream to your ALL Series wireless audio system either directly from your preferred music service app such as  Spotify, or via the Panasonic Music Streaming app. This makes it easy to switch between listening to your music on your headphones to listening to your ALL Series speakers as you enter the house.



Set your music free with our wireless multi-room sound system and enjoy it in multiple rooms. With Party Mode, you can play the same song on all speakers simultaneously. The Multi-Zone function enables you to play several songs in different rooms.


Sound Quality

Impressive high-quality sound is what turns music into truly great music. The ALL Series wireless audio systems easily fills your rooms with it’s powerful, yet sharp sound.



Music shouldn’t be bound by cables. It doesn’t matter which device you are using. Stream your music from any source such as PC, tablet, smartphone or hard disk drive and use Music Subscription Services and Internet Radio providers.


Set-Up and Control

ALL Series wireless speakers will automatically become a part of your network. Just give them a name and you’re ready to go. Control all of your music from one simple app or directly from Music Subscription Services and Internet Radio providers thanks to Qualcomm® AllPlay™.

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