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Sound Bar SC-ALL70TEB


A sound bar and music hub all in one

From incredible TV sound playback to streaming your digital music library and online subscription services, the ALL70T is a versatile, powerful home audio system.

Featuring Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, it frees all your audio – and seamlessly connects to other ALL players in the range to re-stream the music you love to any room you like.


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The ALL70T brings both the joys of home cinema and music to your ALL Connected system. It’s beautifully designed slim line Soundbar with three integrated speaker drivers partners with a separate wireless subwoofer to play films and music with incredible power and detail. What’s more, because it’s an ALL series speaker it can share music with other ALL Connected speakers all around your home, or become a full 5.1ch surround sound system by adding two wireless ALL2 speakers for rear channel duties.

Listen Without Limits

The ALL Connected Audio is a group of devices you can network wirelessly for seamless multi-room playback of almost any audio sources, from smartphones and tablets through to computers, Radio and CDs. Options include the ALL8 / ALL3 / ALL2 Speakers, ALL5CD All-in-one HiFi, PMX100 high-resolution HiFi, ALL70T home cinema Soundbar, ALL30T Speakerboard and ALL1C Connect Device which can upgrade your existing audio equipment to make it compatible with any other ALL Connected device.

Any source, any time, anywhere

The ALL Connected family is flexible enough to play almost any musical source you like. Digital music collections on your smartphone / tablet /computer or NAS drive, DAB / Internet / FM Radio, CDs, AUX and even TV sound are possible.
The Panasonic Music Streaming App even lets you enjoy the original features and interfaces of key music subscription services such as Qualcomm AllPlay Radio Powered by TUNEIN, Spotify, AUPEO! and napster.

Sound Quality

The ALL70T Soundbar brings both films and music to life with three integrated speaker drivers and separate wireless subwoofer. The three speakers are newly designed and shaped to reduce distortion and make higher frequencies crisp and clear. The central speaker focuses on dialogue to make sure you can hear every last word of either song or film. A new digital Amp keeps sound stable at high volumes , while the ALL70T subwoofer uses a down firing driver for more powerful and rounded bass, giving you those ground shuddering film moments or really allowing you to get the party started. The 350W ALL70T can also playback high resolution FLAC files, while adding two ALL2 speakers can turn it into a 5.1channel surround sound system.


The ALL70T soundbar’s strikingly flat body is designed to be equally at home sat on a shelf or mounted on a wall. The soundbar’s innovative three-channel speaker system helps it still pump out a huge 350W of power though, while the separate wireless subwoofer ensures there is no shortage of powerful and rounded bass for both films and music.

Setting up an ALL system is simplicity itself

Setting up an ALL system is simplicity itself

All you need to set-up an ALL Connected Audio system is a Wi-Fi router and the Panasonic Music Streaming App.
Just turn on a new ALL Connected speaker, find it on the Music Streaming App, give it a name (such as Kitchen or Bedroom), and that’s it - you’re ready to stream your music. You can also use the app to easily pair or group speakers to create the perfect sound for your home*

* Video and audio outputs may not be synchronised.

Think Smart

Think Smart

Want to unlock the music on your smartphone or tablet? You can stream via WiFi to any ALL Connected devices throughout your home or even via Bluetooth directly to the new 2015 models ALL2 / ALL5CD / PMX100 / ALL70T or ALL30T. With our innovative Bluetooth Re-streaming feature you can then share this music to other ALL Connected speakers around your home even when streaming via Bluetooth. You can even play the sound from music videos you’re watching on your smart device when using Bluetooth streaming.

Set your TV sound free

You no longer have to be watching TV to enjoy a TV show’s sound. For instance, there’s a live concert on the TV in the living room, but you’ve got to cook dinner. With the ALL70T soundbar you can simply stream the concert’s sound to any ALL speaker in the kitchen*.

* It is recommended that you only re-stream sound to AllPlay speakers in different rooms, as the sound from the secondary AllPlay speaker is delayed by 1 second.

From computer to hi-fi

From computer to hi-fi

For many music fans, the natural home for their digital music collection is their computer. ALL Connected Audio makes it easy to set your music free from the limitations of your laptop’s weedy speakers. You can use either Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to stream songs from your laptop to your ALL Connected speaker network, and use the Panasonic Music Streaming App to choose which ALL speakers you want the music to play through.

Sound ALL around

If you want to turn the 3.1-channel sound of your ALL70T soundbar and subwoofer combination into a full wireless 5.1-channel surround sound system, all you have to do is add two ALL2 speakers to deliver the rear channel sound.

Control the Music with Your HTC Smartphone

Using your HTC phone, a 3-fingered Swipe is all it takes to link Panasonic ALL connected audio for easy enjoyment of CD, radio, online music services, and more. A single touch lets Party mode start playing music from ALL Series devices throughout the house.

*HTC ConnectTM is available on all HTC devices with HTC SenseTM 7

More information about HTC Connect™


Sound Bar SC-ALL70TEB
Enjoy Dynamic TV Sound
350W, 3.1ch, Clear-mode Dialog
Wireless 5.1 Surround Sound
Wireless Surround Sound with Soundbar and ALL2.
Stream TV Sound & Online Music Services to other ALL Series products throughout your house
Thanks to Qualcomm AllPlay multi-room Audio

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Sound Bar SC-ALL70TEB

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