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Live Relays with a Compact , All-in-One, Easy-to-Use, Low-Cost System.

• Digital interfaces of SDI (HD/SD) input/output and HDMI (HD) input
• Multi-View function displays all source images on a single monitor
• A waveform monitor (WFM) is built-in, and source names and audio levels are superimposed on the monitor



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HD/SD Multi-Format High-Quality Image Processing

The AG-HMX100 supports 1080i/720p HD and SD images (see table below). A wipe pattern lets you switch between 16:9 and 4:3 aspect ratios. Full 4:2:2:4 digital component 12bit internal processing ensures broadcast-grade images.

Video Input Video Format
1080/60p 1920 x 1080 (60Hz)
1080/50p 1920 x 1080 (50Hz)
SXGA 1280 x 1024 (60Hz)
WXGA 1280 x 768 (60Hz)
XGA 1024 x 768 (60Hz)

* Mixed operation of different video formats (1080i/720p, HD/SD and 50Hz/59.94Hz) is not possible. PC (DVI-I) can be input to any system format, but it would be resized to match and displayed.

7 Video Inputs with PC Image Support and 6 Video Outputs

• 7 video inputs: SDI (HD/SD switchable) x 4 channels, HDMI (HD only/HDCP and VIERA Link not supported) or video (composite) x 2 channels, and a DVI-I input capable of inputting motion or still images from a PC. This provides up to 7 channels of video input.
• 6 video outputs: 4 SDI outputs (Program (PGM), Preview (PVW), Multipurpose (AUX), and Multi-View), and 2 DVI-D outputs (Program (PGM) and Multi-View).

Transitions and Digital Effects

• Transitions: Over 100 wipe patterns and mixes combine with effects like chroma keying, luminance keying, DSK, and fading. M/E preview and DSK preview are also supported.
• Digital Effects: Built-in digital effects include mosaic, defocus, monocolor, still, strobe, multi-strobe, decay, paint, negative and mirror. Still, strobe and multi-strobe effects allow selection of field or frame displays.

Embedded Digital Audio and Analog Audio Mixing

• 10 audio inputs: Select up to 8 audio inputs from 4 SDI embedded audio inputs (L/R), 2 HDMI embedded audio inputs (L/R), and 4 XLR audio inputs (L/R). You can mix the 10 audio sources, including AUX input and MIC input, using a fader control.
• Audio output: SDI embedded audio is output from PGM, PVW, and AUX terminals, and has XLR (L/R) and pin terminal (L/R) analog outputs.
• Audio effects: Pan, 3 band equalizer, voice changer (pitch/level), and mute.
• Level meter: Displayed as a Multi-View overlay on the LCD screen.

New Multi-View Function, Built-in Waveform Monitor

The Multi-View function and Multi-View output terminal (SDI/DVI-D) provide a split display of the PVW, PGM, and all source images on a single screen. Displays of each of the input signal names and audio level meters can also be overlaid. The built-in Waveform Monitor (WFM) function displays the waveforms of video Y signals, allowing multichannel systems to be operated with a single monitor.

Matrix Menu and Rotary Switch

The large LCD panel allows easy monitoring of system status. The 5 column, 3 row matrix menu automatically displays setting items according to the operating status, so the relevant settings can be quickly checked or changed. Settings that have a large number of selections can also be quickly and intuitively displayed and set by using the rotary switch. This provides easy, comfortable settings control for the AG-HMX100&s many diverse functions.

Projector Control Function

The power switch and shutter for Panasonic professional projectors can be turned on and off by RS-232C remote control. This allows convenient projector use during live events.

Functions for More Comfortable Operation

• Pattern preset: Up to 7 transition patterns and 6 key patterns can be directly registered, for retrieval with a single touch.
• Event memory: Records the setting conditions of the effects. Over 100 settings can be stored in memory, and instantly retrieved with pattern numbers.
• Key learn: Records and retrieves the key frame settings (positions/levels/modifiers) and reproduces animation effects. Up to 20 patterns can be stored in memory, with a maximum of 20 frames per pattern.
• Joystick controller: Enables intuitive operation of effect position setting and color correction/color selection.
• Numerical keypad: For setting numbers, such as pattern numbers.

Versatile Interfaces

• Tally: Outputs support up to eight input sources. Ideal for live relays.
• GPI: Visual effects including key/transition, downstream key, and fading can be externally controlled with GPI trigger signal inputs.
• AUX output: Select from PGM/PVW/Multiview output signals, or an SDI/HDMI input through-out signal.

Power-Saving Eco Design

• Power-saving design: HD images are supported, while power consumption is decreased by 15% compared to our previous SD-Type AG-MX70 model.
• Power management: This function automatically switches the power off when there is no input or operation for a preset period of time. Can be powered on with a secondary switch on the control panel.

A Professional HD 3D Production System

The AG-HMX100 Digital AV Mixer fully supports the Panasonic shift toward 3D world. Combined with the Panasonic AG-3DA1 Integrated Twin-Lens 3D Camera Recorder, and the 3D-compatible BT-3DL2550 Professional LCD Video Monitor, which lets you view 3D footage on-site, this professional HD 3D production system makes it easy to produce and transmit high quality 3D images.

Supports Switched Transmission of 3D Camera Images

The AG-HMX100 can operate as a 3D video switcher with dual SDI signal inputs from 3D cameras. It comes with two pairs of inputs and one pair of outputs for 3D video signals. It is possible to configure a 3D live switching system by combining it with several 3D cameras and 3D projection systems. Both Simul and Side-by-Side 3D output methods are supported. When two AG-HMX100 units are connected, they can serve as a 3D video switcher for up to four 3D cameras.
*Only the switcher function operates. Effects such as ME cannot be used. Other functions, such as Multi-View, WFM, and title mix, are not supported. For details, visit the 3D special site. (


Digital Interfaces of SDI (HD/SD) Input/Output and HDMI (HD) Input
Multi-View Function Displays All Source Images on a Single Monitor
Built-In Waveform Monitor (WFM)