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• Built-in 4 up-converters and 8 color correctors
• Built-in dual-monitor multi display function with up to 20 windows
• Standard configuration includes dedicated hardware for 2 DSK and 2PinP channels



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Built-in 4 up-converters and 8 colour correctors. Also comes with redundant power supply.

The compact 2RU mainframe size switcher is standardly equipped with 16 HD/SD-SDI input channels. All inputs feature a built-in Frame Synchronizer. It is also mounted with 4 up-converters and 8 color correctors. Its standard output configuration includes 4 HD/SD-SDI output channels and 2 DVI-D output channels. In addition, it features 4 Aux busses*1, and the Aux 1 comes with a MIX transition function. In combination with mix effects, the switcher enables a flexible production workflow, and the redundant power supply ensures smooth field operation.

*1 You can also add an SDI embedded audio input.

Built-in dual-monitor multi display function with up to 20 windows

Standardly equipped with a dual-monitor multi display function. A maximum of 20 channels including program (PGM), preview (PVW), and input video signal can be simultaneously displayed on 2 screens. The exclusive feature lets you work comfortably with only two monitors, even at large-scale events.

Standard configuration includes dedicated hardware for 2 DSK and 2 PinP channels

The built-in upstream keyer includes luminance and chroma key functions. The HS450 chroma keyer employs the powerful Primatte® algorithm, previously only available for use with high-end non-linear editing systems. Widely used in motion picture and TV production, incorporation of Primatte&s algorithm into the HS450 now provides easy to adjust, high-precision compositing technology for live production. In addition, the switcher comes equipped with dedicated hardware for 2 DSK and 2 independent channels of picture-in-picture.

Primatte® is a registered trademark of IMAGICA DIGIX Inc.
The copyrights of Primatte® belong to IMAGICA DIGIX Inc.
The patents for Primatte® belong to IMAGICA DIGIX Inc.

Enhanced shot memory and PinP memory for streamlined operation

You can store up 10 memorized image states for background transition pattern, PinP size, position and border width. The switcher is also equipped with an effect dissolve function*2. These enhanced memory functions enable a smoother and more intuitive production workflow.

*2 You can smoothly switch from the current image to the image or operation store in the SHOT memory.

A wide range of 2D and 3D effects enhance creative expression

In addition to standard wipe, mix, and cut transitions, powerful 2D and 3D DVE effects such as squeeze, slide, rotation, and page turn are now available. Dual channel DVE effects are also available for dramatic key effects and other creative transitions. Useful new effects include variable mosaic and selectable defocus.

Superior PTZ camera system control with preset recall and save functions

The HS450 offers advanced control of Panasonic pan-tilt camera systems*3, including the AW-HE100 HD integrated PTZ camera. You can control one camera via direct serial connection, or up to 5 in conjunction with system controllers*4. Up to 10 preset positions may be stored or recalled for each camera.

*3 Compatible models: AW-PH400/AW-PH405/AW-PH360.
*4 Compatible models: AW-RP655/AW-RP555.


Built-In 4 Up-Converters and 8 Colour Correctors
Built-In Dual-Monitor Multi Display Function
Standard Configuration