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Portable, High-Resolution LCD Video Monitor with Advanced Broadcasting Functions

• WXGA (1280 x 768), the Highest Resolution in the Portable Monitor Class
• High-performance Image Processing Engine for Superb Moving Image Quality
• High Brightness, Superb Contrast, Wide Viewing Angle



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WXGA (1280 x 768), the Highest Resolution in the Portable Monitor Class

The New IPS LCD panel features a new pixel structure that heightens resolution more than 20% in terms of area ratio as compared with our previous model BT-LH900. This 23 cm (9 inches) LCD panel has 1280 x 768 pixels, which rivals the number of pixels in our 43 cm (17 inches) BT-LH1710 LCD monitor. The BT-LH910 offers the highest level of resolution in the portable monitor class, and opens the door to new applications in HD recording, production and broadcasting by surpassing the limits of conventional small monitors.

High Brightness, Superb Contrast, Wide Viewing Angle

The new pixel structure incorporated in the New IPS LCD panel has dramatically improved the light transmittance of the LCD panel, for greater brightness. New liquid crystal materials and newly designed color filters have also achieved high contrast to render crisp, clear images. Together, they provide easy to-see images even for outdoor viewing. The wide viewing angle of 176° in both vertical and horizontal directions is the best among LCD displays available today. The New IPS LCD panel boasts superb color display characteristics with minimal changes in brightness or color even when viewed at an angle.

LED Backlight

The New IPS LCD panel features an LED backlight. Developed with advanced technology, this mercury-free panel also helps to preserve the global environment.

High-performance Image Processing Engine for Superb Moving Image Quality

• Precise 10 bit image processing uses a three-dimensional LUT (Look Up Table) for each RGB color to achieve faithful color reproduction from low to high brightness levels.
• The diagonal line compensation circuit minimizes jagged noise on diagonal lines.
• The high-speed, high performance I/P conversion circuit achieves superb motion response with a delay of less than one field between input and panel display.
• Improved response time in intermediate gradations provides vivid and clear image displays without blurring.

Gradation and RGB Manual Adjustment

In order to match the LCD monitor to professional broadcasting applications, compensation is conducted for each monitor in 256 discrete RGB steps, and rated gamma properties (g = 2.2) are reproduced. The color temperature can also be set to 9300K, 6500K or 5600K, and manual white balance lets you directly adjust gain and bias for R, G and B.

Calibration Function

The BT-LH910 comes installed with software that allows it to be calibrated without using a PC, by simply connecting a manufacturer-designated display color analyzer and measurement probe to the monitor.

Diverse 3D Camera Assist Functions

When the left-eye and right-eye video signals from a 3D camera are connected to the two SDI input terminals, the BT-LH910 lets you check 3D images on its 2D display. The BT-LH910 is also provided with a variety of functions to help adjust a rig-type 3D camera system. It helps to reduce preparation time for 3D shooting and boosts image accuracy.

3D Assist Functions Supported by Various Formats
1080/60i, 1080/59.94i, 1080/50i, 1080/25PsF, 1080/24PsF, 1080/23.98PsF, 1035/60i, 1035/59.94i, 720/60p, 720/59.94p, 720/50p

MIRROR: The Mirror function simplifies the basic adjustments of a rig-type 3D camera system. With the left-eye and right-eye images displayed side-by-side on the screen, the right-eye image can be flipped in the horizontal or vertical direction.
SHIFT: This function lets you move only the right-eye image horizontally or vertically in the overlay display. It&s handy for checking angle misalignment between the left-eye and right-eye images.
COMPARISON: The Comparison function displays half-tone markers inside the left-eye and right-eye images displayed side-by-side. It lets you confirm that there are no missing image segments at the frame edge of only one image.
CONVERGENCE: With the left-eye or right-eye image displayed on the full screen, the Convergence function lets you switch the images automatically or manually. This makes it easier to confirm the convergence point.
COLOR: The Color function combines left-eye and right-eye images and displays them in a checkerboard pattern on a full screen. It allows you to check the brightness and color variance between the two images.
ZOOM FOCUS: This function enlarges and displays a section of images displayed side-by-side. It can be used to check the variance in focus and zoom between the left-eye and right-eye images. Focus-in-Red can also be used together with this function.
VERTICAL: The Vertical function lets you closely inspect vertical misalignment between the left-eye and right-eye images using an auxiliary horizontal-line marker.
OVERLAY: Using this function, you can check the width of the left-right disparity by superimposing a vertical-line marker (in 3% intervals) on the overlay display or difference image between right and left in black-and-white display.

*The Overlay display on the BT-LH910G does not provide 3D effects even if 3D Eyewear is worn.

Cine-gamma and New Black Mode

The BT-LH910 is equipped with a cine-gamma (F-REC) compensation function and serves as a monitor for the Varicam camera recorder. The new black mode also makes dark image areas in low-gradation scenes easier to see. It helps to produce movies as well as film-like HD programs and commercial.

New Audio Level Meter and Headphone Terminal

The new color audio level meter displays the embedded audio (3G-SDI, SDI, HDMI*) input level. And it&s equipped with reference point setting, peak hold and overrange display functions. The BT-LH910 is also provided with a headphone terminal. The channel to be monitored is easily selected from the menu.

*For HDMI input, the level meter displays only two channels.

WFM (Y/R/G/B) and Vector Scope Display

The BT-LH910G has built-in waveform monitor and vector scope functions to display the input signal waveform and color gamut. For waveform display, the signal can be selected from Y, R, G and B.

*The WFM function can be used for all input signals. The vector scope function can be used for 3G-SDI and SDI input.

Focus Assist Functions for HD Shooting

• Focus-in-Red: Emphasizes the sharply focused area of the image by showing it in an easily visible red.
• Pixel-to-Pixel: Displays video pixels without any resizing. With 1080i/p input signals, you can check the focus with a screen width equivalent to 34.3 cm (13.5 inches).

Closed Caption and Time Code Display

The BT-LH910 can display closed captions with an SDI or VIDEO input. It supports the EIA-708 HD-SDI closed captioning standard (EIA-608 SD-SDI closed captioning standard), and can display up to eight windows simultaneously. The BT-LH910 can also display the time code (selectable from VITC, LTC and UB) with an SDI input.

Various Markers

Various markers can be displayed in both 16:9 and 4:3 aspect ratios.
Aspect Marker (16:9): 4:3, 13:9, 14:9, CNSCO2.39, CNSCO2.35, 2:1 or VISTA, with background brightness control of Black (0%), Half (50%) or Normal (100%).
Safe Area Marker (16:9/4:3): 95%, 93%, 90%, 88% or 80%.
Center Marker (16:9/4:3): ON/OFF. The center marker can be displayed together with another marker, as shown in the example above. In 16:9 mode, the BT-LH910 can display a superimposed safe area marker corresponding to the aspect marker which is selected.

A Diversity of Display Functions

Cross Hatch Overlay: Displays grids with 40 or 80 pixel intervals. This is useful for horizontal/vertical adjustment.
HV Delay Display: Displays the video blanking period.
Mono Mode: Displays images in black-and-white.
Split Screens: A frame of video can easily be frozen and displayed as a still image on the left side of the screen. This function can be used to match a live camera with a frame of video shot at an earlier time or with a different camera.

Three Function Keys

Each of the function keys can be assigned with a function selected from various display and switchover functions to enable one-touch ON/OFF or mode change.

Functions Assignable to Function Keys
HV Delay/Blue Only/Gamma Select/SD Aspect/Scan/Sub Window/WFM/Vector/Marker/White Balance/Pixel To Pixel/Pixel Position/Focus-In-Red/Zebra/Rear Tally/Level Meter/Cross Hatch/Mono/Black Mode/Time Code/Closed Caption/Undef

Versatile Input Terminals, Including 3G-SDI and HDMI

The BT-LH910 is equipped with input terminals for 3G-SDI, SDI (HD and SD), HDMI, composite (Video) and component (YPBPR) signals. It supports almost all HD/SD video signals for use in various applications worldwide.

Viewfinder Connector

Equipped with a 15-pin viewfinder terminal, the BT-LH910 can also be used as a viewfinder for compatible Panasonic camera recorders* (requiring the optional BT-CS910 VF Cable).

*AJ-HPX3700, AJ-HPX2700, AJ-HPX3100, AJ-HPX2000, AJ-HPX2100, AJ-HDX900, AG-HPX500 series (AG-HPX500 series displays SD resolution in black-and-white.). Optional hardware is required for mounting to a camera recorder.

Designed for Broadcast Field Work

• Tilt stand and headphone terminal.
• The front and rear tally lamps are also functional when the monitor is used as a camera viewfinder.
• SERIAL (9-pin) and GPI (9-pin) remote input terminals.
• The slim, lightweight, compact body allows flexible installation and setup.
• Robust, durable magnesium diecast frame.
• DC drive. Anton Bauer battery can be mounted to the back.


WXGA, the Highest Resolution in the Portable Monitor Class
High-Performance Image Processing Engine
High Brightness, Superb Contrast, Wide Viewing Angle