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• New AVC-Intra Circuit Raises Image Quality and Lowers Power Consumption
• P2 Portability Enhances Field Mobility
• HD/SD SDI Input for Line Recording



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New AVC-Intra Circuit Raises Image Quality and Lowers Power Consumption

The AVC-Intra codec in the AG-HPG20 provides high-quality HD recording with full 1920 x 1080/10-bit 4:2:2 sampling. This new AVC-Intra circuit also lowers power consumption at the same time.

P2 Portability Enhances Field Mobility

The solid-state memory card offers unparalleled reliability. Designed for professional applications, the P2 card combines inherent toughness with a large capacity and fast data transfers. The advanced file-based IT function further speeds up acquisition.

HD/SD SDI Input for Line Recording

The AG-HPG20 can be used both with a P2 cam and with a wide range of cameras/camcorders, including conventional tape-based models. Synchro backup enables Rec Start/Stop operation in sync with the Camcorder.

Easy File Previewing from an External HDD

The AG-HPG20 has a USB 2.0 interface and a new HDD Preview function that simplifies the playback* of P2 motion images from files copied to an external hard-disk drive.

P2 Memory Card Recorder: Lower Operating Costs, Better for the Environment

• P2 Reduces Total Cost of Ownership
• The P2 Card Helps Preserve the Environment: Repeated Reusability and Low Power Consumption.

Advanced Recording and Playback Functions from the High-Quality AVC-Intra Codec and P2 Card

Incorporating a New AVC-Intra Codec Circuit

HD/SD Multi-Format Recording

Down-Conversion/Up-Conversion/Cross-Conversion Output

High-Quality 16-Bit, 48-kHz, 8-Channel Digital Audio

The P2 Card: Reliable, Reusable and with Extended Recording Time

Advanced Recording Functions Employing Two Card Slots

Clip Copying and Editing

Versatile Playback Functions Meet Diverse Needs

Nimble, Easy Operation and a Wealth of Interfaces for Active Field Recording

User Buttons and User File

Assignable Functions

Waveform, Vector and 4:3 Marker

Play Back Variable Frame-Rate Sources

Small, Lightweight and Fully Mobile

HD/SD SDI Input/Output Terminals for Line Recording

Preview of External HDD Content

USB 2.0 Host/Device Interfaces, IEEE 1394 Interface, Analog Outputs