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Compact HD Cameras for High Picture Quality in Difficult Shooting Conditions

• 2.2-megapixel Multi-Purpose HD Camera
• Features a cine gamma curve & variable frame rate function
• Includes an Intelligent Function that significantly reduces the need for adjustment during remote video acquisition.



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A high cost performance, compact model that realizes high picture quality and versatility

AK-HC1800 is compatible with two types of video formats. Although it is compact, you can build a flexible system by combining the various pan-tilt head models Panasonic offers. In addition, it enables remote shooting from different angles, offering a wide range of applications including sports, news, and auditoriums, as well as for use as tower cameras and with studio teleprompters.

Unique CCD and signal processing technologies realize exceptional resolution and reduced moire

Panasonic’s single-channel transfer system and spatial-offset processing technologies improve signal modulation depth, thus reducing moire.

Features a cine gamma curve & variable frame rate function

Comes equipped with the cine gamma curve that reproduces cinematic expression with a film quality tone.

Includes an Intelligent Function that significantly reduces the need for adjustment during remote video acquisition

This advanced Intelligent Function employs several complementary adjustment modes to enable automated adjustment of the HC1800. Auto Tracing white balance can quickly adjusts color, even in outdoor settings where the color temperature may change every second. Dynamic exposure control includes both auto-iris and continuously variable gain from -6 to +72 dB. When required, the motorized ND filters are also automatically changed to compensate for extreme lighting conditions.

Note : Conditions for automation of the AGC are as follows : (1) Automation can only function when the camera is used outdoors. (2) A photometry area excluding certain areas (i.e. sky) must be specified. (3) The automatic control will respond slowly, but it will perform quickly when the power is turned on or when the filter is to be changed. (4) The automatic control function will stop when the pan-tilt platform and lens are in use.

Other features

CCD accumulative drive allows high sensitivity
In addition to the conventional gain-up circuit, the AK-HC1800 use CCD accumulation and horizontal/vertical addition to make possible a gain increase of up to +72 dB (for recording in illumination of at least 0.015 lx).

Minimizing environmental impact through low power consumption and a compact design.
The cameras employ a CCD drive circuit and DSP that consume little power. In addition, fewer parts are used and the structural parts weigh less. Small sized cameras are optimal for installation in housings or for pan-tilt use.

Equipped with rear option slot for expansion.
Enables expansion and use of optional AK-HDC1500 Down Converter board.

The Electronic Extender function
Enables non-optical 2x image magnification. May result in some loss of resolution.

Dynamic Range Stretch (DRS)
When dark, bright, and intermediate shades are all contained in the same scene, a gamma curve and knee slope is estimated to match the contrast of each pixel, and applied in real time. This produces excellent gradation for each shade and minimizes blocked shadows and blown highlights.


2.2 Megapixel Multi-Purpose HD Camera
Cine Gamma Curve & Variable Frame Rate Function
Intelligent Function to Reduce Need for Adjustment During Remote Video Acquisition