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Videoconferences For All Participants

The new Panasonic HD Visual Communications (HDVC) System supports connectivity to multiple sites for videoconferences with minimal hassle and installation costs. Participants can use mobile devices to participate in a videoconference anytime, anywhere.


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Multi-Site Videoconference At Up To 10 Locations

The KX-VC1600 allows a multi-site videoconference to be held with people at up to 10 sites* without requiring the purchase of expensive MCUs (Multi-point Connection Units). When combined with Panasonic’s NAT Traversal Service or HD Visual Communication Mobile (HDVC Mobile) software that enables the use of mobile devices for participating in a videoconference, effective visual communication is possible without restrictions on time or location.

*Option must be purchased. (Refer to “Activation Key” on page 11.)

Mobile Videoconferencing

Mobile, home and remote workers can participate in meetings with the use of a Windows PC / iOS / Android™ mobile device. The HDVC System provides effective visual communication without restrictions on time or place.

* Activation Key is required to use the software.

Connection To Offices And Clients

The Panasonic HDVC System can connect via intranet / VPN and Internet simultaneously, making it easy to configure a videoconference system connected to sites inside and outside of the company. The HDVC System can be used to hold videoconferences with clients without a large investment in equipment.

NAT Traversal Service

NAT Traversal Service is a network service offered exclusively for use by the Panasonic HDVC System. It can be used to hold a videoconference between companies and / or other sites which are not connected through intranet nor VPN. It enables easy establishment of a communication environment without complex router settings, and uses an Internet line for economical operation.

HD Visual Communications Multi-Point Connection Software*

HDVC-MPCS (multi-point connection software) allows 12-site or 16-site configuration to meet the user’s multi-site videoconferencing needs. The number of connection sites can be increased from 12 to 16 after the product purchase.

*Communications Multi-Point Connection Software is abbreviated as HDVC-MPCS hereafter.
* A server is required for multi-site connection.

Conveys Even Facial Expressions And Gestures

The HDVC System delivers high-resolution Full-HD 1080/60p images at an IP rate of approximately 1.5 Mbps. Displayed images are as clear as Full-HD TV images and allow for effective visual communication.
The HDVC System shows even small changes in facial expressions for high-quality communication.

Intuitive Bandwidth Adjustments

Generation of packet losses is prevented by the rate control, and lost packets are restored by the combined use of the forward error correction and automatic repeat request control. Even if the bandwidth decreases after communication starts, clear communication is maintained according to the communication line condition. Because video and audio communication is maintained at 256 kbps per site, there is minimum image disruptions and audio interruptions, and the connection stays stable.

Accurate Communication Of Information

The HDVC System supports H.239 dual streaming to simultaneously transmit the home location image and a PC document image, while receiving the image of a distant site and a PC document image. The KX-VC1600 features a Triple Monitor function*, which can display a PC document, the image of a distant site and the image of the home location separately on three monitors. Display of a PC document on a large screen facilitates understanding and provides effective visual communication.

* The KX-VC1300 supports Dual Monitor.


Connection To Multiple Sites
Clear Communication
Ease Of Use


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