• Caller ID Compatible
• Ringer/Message lamp
• One-Touch Dial Buttons
• Speakerphone and Headset for Hands-Free Conversation
• Available in Black




Ringer / Message Lamp

The KX-T7716 ringer / message lamp helps you catch all the important calls. A red light illuminates to visually alert you when a call comes in or when someone has left a message, for convenient use in hotel guest rooms or offices.

20 Phone Numbers in One-Touch Dial Buttons

You can store up to 20 phone numbers in the one-touch dial buttons (10 numbers in both upper and lower memory locations). One-touch dial buttons save you time and trouble when calling a client, customer, or associate you often speak with.

Caller ID Compatible

When a call is received, the name and phone number registered in the phone book are displayed (up to 50 can be registered), so you can check who is calling before picking up. Caller information for the last 50 callers is also logged in a caller list.

Speakerphone and Headset for Hands-Free Conversation

You can use the speakerphone or headset for hands-free conversations. Since you don’t need to pick up the handset, this enables you to do other work while having a conversation.

Restricting Calls

You can restrict the phone from making calls to all numbers (Dial Lock) or to specific external numbers (Call Restriction). Restricting phones placed in locations where people other than employees are present enables enhanced security.


Caller ID Compatible
One-Touch Dial Buttons
Speakerphone for Hands-Free Conversation