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Enhance Your Lessons with elite Panaboard!

• 77" Large Screen
• Touch Screen
• Multi-Touch Operation (up to 3 points)
• Built-in Stereo speakers and USB Hub
• Wireless Kit*
• Works with Panasonic Short-Throw projector
• Comes with elite Panabook software

* Optional



Select Color


Seamless "Drawing and Controlling"

All board operations can be performed with the touch of a finger, and your finger&s movement is relayed directly to the board surface for smooth, comfortable operation. Or you can use the handy Electronic Pen for writing characters and drawing lines. This enables seamless drawing and object operation.

Multi Touch Operation

Images can be easily moved, scaled and rotated with your fingers. This kind of free image manipulation will also keep students from getting bored.

Simultaneous Operation by Up to Three Students

Because up to three points can be simultaneously operated, a team of three students can work together on the same task. For example, three students can work together on a math problem.

Easily Save Information Written on the Board

You can insert images and text into Microsoft® Word, Excel®, or PowerPoint® using elite Panaboard Software.

Play Videos Complete with Sound

The elite Panaboard&s built-in stereo speakers offer the versatility to share audio with your class. Videos with sound and the use of sound effects help to attract the students& attention and make your lessons more effective.

Multifunctional Electronic Pen

You can use the Electronic Pen to switch between four marker colours and the eraser tool, and do things like remotely turn PowerPoint® pages. This helps to keep the students& attention because you don&t need to stop the flow of the lesson.

Wireless Functions*

With the optional Wireless Kit, there is no need for a cable to connect the computer and the board. This also allows more flexible classroom layouts.

*This option is not available in certain markets.
* When using a large amount of data, like when playing motion images with audio, the sound or display may be interrupted

Make Your Lessons More Effective

The elite Panaboard is equipped with two additional USB ports. This allows you to connect additional devices to enhance your lessons, such as a desktop info camera, a web microscope, or even a printer, without using up the necessary resources in your PC.

elite Panaboard Software

Panaboard has a wide range of tools, ranging from basic pens and erasers to special-effect functions, that make class more exciting and enjoyable.


77" Large Screen
Multi-Touch Operation (Up tp 3 Points)
Comes with Elite Panaboard Software