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CS-A9PKH-8 (CU- A9PKH-8) ~ 1.0HP

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CS-A9PKH-8 (CU- A9PKH-8) ~ 1.0HP


• nanoe-G
• Autocomforrt
• Quiet Mode
• Powerful Mode
• Blue Fin Condenser



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ECONAVI - 5 Features Saving Energy all at once

1. Temperature Wave: Rhythmic temperature-controlled pattern to save energy without sacrificing comfort.
2. Sunlight Detection: Adjust cooling and heating power to changes in sunlight intensity.
3. Area Search: Directs airflow to wherever you are in the room.
4. Activity Detection: Adapts cooling and heating power to your daily activities.
5. Absence Detection: Reduces cooling and heating power when you are not around.

So much saved with So little Effort – Up to 38%* Energy savings

*Comparison of 1.5HP Inverter model between ECONAVI with (Dual Human Activity Sensor, Sunlight Sensor, and Temperature Wave) ON and ECONAVI OFF (Cooling)

nanoe-G – Advance air purification system for your home

*3 trilion is the simulated number of nanoe-G fine particles under the mentioned conditions. Actual measured nanoe-G fine particles at the centre of the room (13m2 ): 100k/cc calculated number of nanoe-G fine particles in the entire room assuming they are evenly distributed.

nanoe-G with In-filter Deactivation: Panasonic introduces an air purification system that captures harmful mocro-organisms from the air, deactivates those trapped on surfaces and in the filter as well. It utilises nano-technology fine particles to purify the air and clean harmful micro-organisms attached onto fabrics in the room. And this year, it comes with a brand new feature that deactivates bacteria and viruses trapped in the filter. Thus, giving you the complete air purification system so you come home to a cleaner living environment.

Quiet Mode

The Quiet Mode reduces both indoor and outdoor unit operating sound. This function is especially convenient for operation near a sleeping baby and at night-time.

Powerful Mode

An Inverter air conditioner can cool a room more quickly as it is able to reach the set temperature 1.5 times faster than non-Inverter models.

Blue Fin Condenser

Condensers must be able to withstand the corrosive effects of air, rain and other elements. Panasonic has tripled the life of its condensers with an original anti-rust coating.

AUTOCOMFORT Provides comfort

AUTOCOMFORT is used to provide comfort. High Activity Detection detects when the level of activity increases, and automatically increases cooling power by an amount equivalent to decreasing the set temperature by 1 degree Celsius to improve comfort. This is explained in the following scenario:


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