• Capacity :  167L
• Panorama Cooling System
• Quick Ice making (2hours)
• Ag Clean Anti-bacteria & Deodorize system
• Maintenance-free LED lighting
• Tempered glass shelf
• Vegetable Case




Panorama Cooling System

Multi-cooling system blow all the corners therefore keep temperature even all the time

Quick Ice making (2hours)

Increase double ice quantity when needed by quick ice making within 2 hours

Anti-bacteria system (Ag Clean)

Silver has a powerful AntiBacterial effect, drastically inactivating bacteria inside the refrigerator. This effect is semi-permanent, so there’s no need to replace the filter.

LED lighting

The long-life LED lighting requires almost no maintenance.

It thoroughly illuminates the inside of the refrigerator, making it easier to see within.

Effectively illuminates inside the refrigerator, making food easy to see

Tempered glass shelf 100kg

Helping you to feel secure without fear of heavy broken

Vegetable Case

Large capacity enables bulk buying for fewer shopping trips and greater convenience.


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