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Ample Storage Capacity Plus Style and Luxury

A lot of food items can be neatly stored and kept fresh and hygienic, so there's less need for troublesome shopping.


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Advanced Cooling Power Control to Save Energy
Convertible Room
Stylish Glass Door with Flat Handle


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Using the Control Panel, the 5 settings below are possible.

Convertible Room

The Convertible Room has 5 different settings.
Each setting provides the optimum storage conditions for different foods. The Fridge and Convertible Room can be independently controlled.

Power Cool

Use when you want powerful, rapid cooling.

The Convertible Room starts to cool for 60 minutes and “PCL” lights in the front door display. After 60 minutes, "PCL" goes out and the Convertible Room temperature returns to the Fridge setting.

Gentle Thaw

Sets thawing time to gradually thaw frozen items.

In the Gentle Thaw mode, when you set the thawing time, “THW” lights in the front door display. You can select from thawing times of 4, 6, 10, or 12 hours. At the end of the countdown, "THW" in the front door display goes out and the Convertible Room temperature returns to the Fridge setting.

Soft Freeze

This lightly freezes items. Use when you want to keep food fresh for longer.

Convertible Room display shows “-5 ”.
This case lightly freezes food items to keep them fresh for longer than when using the Chilled mode.
Note: Not suitable for items that change in texture and flavor when frozen.
e.g. yoghurt, cheese, fresh cream, etc.


Stores items to keep them fresh and immediately ready for cooking.

Convertible Room display shows “0”.
Items are stored at a temperature just above freezing point, so they retain their freshness for longer than when stored in a conventional fridge compartment. Especially suitable for items with a high water content that lose flavor when frozen, such as yoghurt and cheese.

Fridge Temp.

Use as a regular refrigerator compartment for storing various items.

When in the Fridge Temp. mode, the setting of this case is the same as the fridge compartment setting.

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