Front Door Automatic Washing Machine: NA-148VG| Panasonic Vietnam

Front Door Automatic Washing Machine: NA-148VG| Panasonic Vietnam



• Load Capacity – 8kg
• 3D Sensor Wash
• Sazanami Drum
• Quiet Operation
• Eco/ Speed selection mode
• 16 Programmes




Econavi ensure optimum water & energy consumption. No more waste!

Detect the laundry load:

Detect water temperature:

Inverter (New) & HydroActive+

Inverter technology is key to Panasonic industry-leading performance. The Inverter changes the motor’s rotation and output based on sensors inside the washing machine – to achieve perfectly clean clothes. This clever technology also ensure efficient energy consumption of A+++.
HydroActive+: Complementing the other energy saving features, HydroActive+ uses five multi-directional showers to ensure the most efficient washing possible. These showers rapidly deliver water to enable deep and fast rinsing making for clean results in less time and energy savings.

3D Sensor Wash

A 3D Sensor analyses the movement of the drum in each dimension, adjusting the motor speed to optimize washing performance.

Sazanami Drum

The newly designed Panasonic drum, the “Sazanami Drum”, features an interior with dimple-shaped water spouts – ideal for thoroughly removing dirt while being gentle to clothes. The rourded-edged dimples not only allow for fewer holes and less bumps than a conventional drum, they also prevent clothes from getting caught. What is more, this unique shape also provides a high spin-drying performance.

Quiet operation

Panasonic has specially engineered the “Silent Arch” design. Integrated into the sides of the appliance, the “Silent Arch” design effectively absorbs sounds which the machine naturally makes durong the washing process, reducing bother some noise and vibration.

Eco/ Speed selection mode

Select “Normal Wash” for efficient washing with normal energy consumption – or “Speed Wash” for shorter washing times. The “Eco Wash” is great for talking advantage of energy and water saving washing if user do not mind waiting a bit longer for clean clothes.

16 Programmes

Outdoor, Denim, Shirts, Sportswear, Easy-care, Wool, Skin-care, Quick 50, Rapid 15, Bedding, Cold Wash, Delicates, Memory, Cotton, Cotton Rinse Plus, Colors.


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