• Load Capacity – 8kg
• Econavi (New)
• Gentle Hand Wash
• Fragrance Course
• Aqua Spin Rinse
• Baby Care
• Aqua Crystal Glass Lid





Load Sensor: When the load is small, the water level is lowered to save water. The optimum volume of water for the load is selected so no water is wasted. Water Temperature Sensor: When the water temperature is high, detergent dissolves quickly so washing time is reduced. ECONAVI determines how easily detergent dissolves and selects the optimum operation time. Even in a short time, dirt is thoroughly removed

Gentle Hand Wash

Now you can easily leave delicate items to the washing machine instead of washing them by hand or having them dry cleaned. Washing using the unique care net prevents damage to frabrics due to clothes being rubbed by the pulsator

Fragrance Course

Make your clothes smell good. Keep softener frangrance

Aqua Spin Rinse

The Eco Aquabeat reduces water usage during rinsing, the washing cycle that uses the most water.

Baby Care

For babies and those with sensitive skin, Triple Soak Rinse thoroughly eliminates residual laundry soap.

Aqua Crystal Glass Lid

Aqua Crystal Glass Lid for a high-class appearance. The large, transparent lid lets you easily check washing.