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August – STEM Discovery Month

August – STEM Discovery Month

Summer is the relax time for our children after their hard study. How to make their summer more meaningful: not only help them rest but also give them more and more unforgettable social and scientific experience? This August, Panasonic Risupia Vietnam will organize useful programs for both children and parents. All programs are free and for all visitors as coming to Panasonic Risupia Vietnam.

STEM Discovery – Preparation to step into marvelous world

STEM Education is known as providing learners knowledge and skills related to: Science (S), Technology (T), Engineering (E), Mathematics (M) through grafting and integrating between theoretic knowledge and practical experience.

At Risupia, STEM activities will take place on Sat 12th Aug and Sun 13th Aug, including Make Robot’s hand which helps children know more about engineering and apply to make a Robot’s hand which can take things down from the high position by reusing simple things and Make Against Earthquake House which will bring children really interesting experience.

August – STEM Discovery Month

Besides, through science workshop Hybrid Car, kids will gain practical experience with renewable energy resources. They will be guided to reassemble a car using electricity from solar cells and can bring their end-product home as a result of their attempt.

As for 5 ~ 8-year-old kids, Risupia will hold many scientific workshops such as Rainbow Cup, Mini Water Filtration Machine and Mini Catapult. Remember to join Risupia’s activities in August!

Be with Kids on all their future ways

In recent years, STEM Education went to Vietnam through many educational and communicational channels. However, how to know STEM Education right, how to apply this kind of education to your kids at home, how to be with them in this digital era are questions which many parents are questioning. In August, Panasonic Risupia Vietnam promises to bring two special programs to help parents answer all these questions.

The first one named STEM – A choice in the future with sharing from PhD. Dang Van Son – Director of STEM Program in S3 Academy for Creation and Engineer Do Hoang Son – Director of Long Minh Books Company. The speakers will provide parents with most basic knowledge about STEM Education such as development history of STEM Education, the meaning of STEM Education in relationship with the 4th Industrial Revolution, what STEM Education will provide students with, the most necessary things for STEM thinking. Moreover, some games or apps about STEM Educations will be introduced and practiced right there.

The second one, co-operate with TEKY STEAM Academy, will be workshop for parents named Be with our kids in digital era with sharing for methods of controlling kids from using Internet and searching information safely; the way to protect our kids and be with them in this digital era.

August – STEM Discovery Month

For a purer life – Experience Alkaline water filtration machine

No one can deny the important role of water in our life and nowadays, safe water issues are questions of great interest. Panasonic will organize Alkaline workshop in order to consult about health and join to experience Alkaline water filtration machine.

On the last Saturday and Sunday of August, let’s go to Risupia and join class Super Coder with Scratch, program Lego Mindstorm Racing & Explore a virtual space, science workshop Eruptive Volcano and STEM Contest with attractive gifts.

August – STEM Discovery Month

Kids exchange green battery for a green healthy summer

Panasonic Vietnam officially starts the program “Kids exchange green battery for a green healthy summer” from 24th June at Panasonic Risupia Vietnam in order to increase the awareness of environmental protection, encourage to use clean energy towards a green living lifestyle for families and children. This campaign will continuously take place on Saturdays and Sundays in August at Risupia.  

Attending the program, students can bring used batteries and exchange with eco Panasonic Alkaline with outstanding performance, longer durability and leading safety. Additionally, science activities such as Dry Battery workshop, Human Battery workshop will help them understand the composition of battery and how to handle the battery after use to protect environment.

August – Cooking with Panasonic – Make madeleines

With useful activities to discover STEM, Panasonic Risupia Vietnam will also give couples of Father/Mother and Kid a personal period of time by joining Cooking class with the menu “Make Madeleines” – a famous cake of French food. When joining, Father/Mother and Kid will have unforgettable memories together for sure.

August – STEM Discovery Month

Thousands of gifts from “Risupia Loyalty Card” program

“Risupia Loyalty Card” program will be launched and presented to all visitors at Panasonic Risupia in May. The program is effective from 27 May to 31 Aug 2017. You need to collect 10 stamps on the card and have chance to win 01 of Panasonic products for valuable gifts such as movie gift-cards, raincoats or ceramic mugs, etc.