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Exciting April

Exciting April

Welcome April with very first summer winds. Have you planned for sunny weekends this month? Let Panasonic Risupia Vietnam help you and your family to enjoy beautiful and exciting schedule!

Having fun with science  

It is believed that science is a difficult subject with tons of transcendent and tough theories. How to find a simple and easy way to learn science and to practice it at home? Kids from 5 to 13 can have fun with science at Panasonic Risupia Vietnam.

They can learn about air pressure through simple experiments such as how water goes up from the bottom to the mouth of the cup or water doesn’t fall out even though the cup is upside-down? Or how animators can create incredibly realistic cartoons and lively characters. This will be revealed at the Science class of Phenakistoscope and making mini movie projector.

In addition to the Science class, they can attend Eco Workshop of making colorful paper pets or join Edu-class to improve self-defense skills with content of “Traffic Safety”.

Exciting April

Enjoying technological discovery 

Together with discovering the beauty of sciences at Risupia zone and Science class for kids, visitors especially adults can enjoy an innovative and premium space with unique technologies of Panasonic at Showroom zone which was established in May 2016.

Right entering the welcome zone, visitors are welcomed by a fantastic light and image performance created by a synergized solution of technologies including Space Player, Light ID and Transparent Screen. Moving inside Showroom zone, they can experience a several of Panasonic products such as home appliance, cooking, beauty, audio and visual products, etc.

Moreover, the concept of latest information of Panasonic’s homes and living solutions combined with eco solution, system products and modern home appliance products are also conveyed to visitors here. Especially, they can see, touch, feel and experience two model houses with the aim of providing ideas for a premium and eco-friendly lifestyle.

Exciting April

Panasonic Risupia Vietnam opens from 9am to 5pm, from Tuesday to Sunday on 2nd Floor, Sunrise building, 90 Tran Thai Tong Street, Cau Giay District, Hanoi.