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July – Dream High

July – Dream High

Letting children not only have a chance to enjoy their life, experience but also be nurtured new knowledge, develop living-skills is parents’ vital concern. Realizing thi substantial demand, Panasonic Risupia Vietnam promisingly organizes exciting programs so as to help children feel more confident, more mature and have a sense of self-development.

Dream wings education – Incubating talent

Nowadays, studying abroad has become such a prevalent trend in Vietnam. It not only attracts parents’ attention but also high school students’ – those who are about to be high school graduates. To smoothen studying overseas process, parents had better prepare everything related to their children’s records even when they are in primary school. The benefit of early preparation is to help parents figure out their children’s future orientation as well as encourage kids to concentrate on schooling results to strengthen their scholarship opportunity. Furthermore, it assists them to have time to learn English better and better, have thorough preparation for planned exams, discover their own potentials as well as take part in extracurricular activities. The talk show “Study Abroad Consultancy” would love to introduce Dang Minh Tuan - Master, Lecturer of Amsterdam High school, who is willing to hello parents explore how to orient and position the preparation process. He will help parents to figure out when kids should be known study overseas plan and how to make them feel less stressed out.

Whilst parents are hearing Mr. Tuan’s advice, children could participate in entertaining activities such as” Enjoy Math in English” to help them practice their mindset. This activity aims at kids who own Math potential. Others help them to consolidate suitable topics with a view to helping them have scholarship and international certificates.

On the other side, kids enjoy themselves with fun experiment and Eco workshop such as: making mini picture frame, transforming vivid picture into magical one, deciphering rainfall through interesting nature phenomenon. Let’s join us!

July – Dream High

Developing creative thinking & Arousing passion for learning

Reading a book for kids is not holding it and then reading it all for them, but it is about leading the stories, about addressing the issues and about how to make books more appealing and stimulate their curiosity. The talk show “Pick books for kids, read with kids” implemented by Ms. Nguyen Thi Ngoc Minh – Expert of National and International organizations in reading culture development, Founder of project “Open Books”. Having 10 year experience in doing research practical education in Vietnam, use document references and foreign models, she will show parents how to read effectively and tell kids the advantages of reading.

What’s more, “Light discovery and filmmaking” expect to be a thrilling program for kids. Organized in attractive ways, children will learn how to make comic books and Play as the God of Light to tell the story of the trip to Earth or produce stories about light-related phenomena.

In addition, science and games experiments require kids to be extremely nimble, skillful and flexible in the way they play. The scientific experiment called Slime - The spooky mercury taken from a story about ghostly monsters that turn into a multitude of monsters to escape the pursuit of man. Despite their monstrous appearance, they are very adorable, just want to play and make friends with people but not harm anyone. Other exciting games such as "Shooting Bowling" or "Creating clay" for kids to enjoy and free to create any shape they like.  

July – Dream High

Developing essential Social manners for children

Social skills are also essential for children, such as greetings, thanks, apologies, and communication situations. But how to make children aware of these and self-realization is not easy at all? Teaching social manners for kids is essential for a daily life and communication. Everything will be guided in the program "Social manners for Children" at Panasonic Risupia Vietnam on 29 - 30 July 2017.

July – Dream High

Kids exchange green battery for a green healthy summer

Panasonic Vietnam officially starts the program “Kids exchange green battery for a green healthy summer” from 24th June at Panasonic Risupia Vietnam in order to increase the awareness of environmental protection, encourage to use clean energy towards a green living lifestyle for families and children.

Attending the program, students can bring used batteries and exchange with eco Panasonic Alkaline with outstanding performance, longer durability and leading safety. Additionally, science activities such as Dry Battery workshop, Human Battery workshop will help them understand the composition of battery and how to handle the battery after use to protect environment.

Enjoy cool jelly pudding for a refreshing summer day

In the hot weather of summer, the jelly pudding is a great tropical dish with a delicious, cool and colorful flavor. Please come and enjoy the cool jelly pudding at Panasonic Risupia's kitchen!

Thousands of gifts from “Risupia Loyalty Card” program

“Risupia Loyalty Card” program will be launched and presented to all visitors at Panasonic Risupia in May. The program is effective from 27 May to 31 Aug 2017. You need to collect 10 stamps on the card and have chance to win 01 of Panasonic products for valuable gifts such as movie gift-cards, raincoats or ceramic mugs, etc.

July – Dream High