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September – Happy Mid-Autumn Festival

September – Happy Mid-Autumn Festival

Instead of blazing red flamboyant in street, the flavor of milk flower now is spreading every nook and cranny of Hanoi. Summer fast went by and a back-to-school season is coming once more. When September comes, the season of festivals for children comes. Not only back-to-school festival or the Mid-Autumn Festival, September is also Panasonic Risupia Viet Nam’s 7th Birthday Ceremony. In September, Risupia will give all the visitors a Customer Loyalty Week to say “Thanks” to our visitors who are always with us for the last 7 years. Let’s discover interesting activities in September! 

Birthday Week – Customer Loyalty Program


To celebrate the Panasonic Risupia Vietnam’s 7th birthday ceremony and to send our gratitude to our visitors, we will prepare a blank large-size paper in order that visitors can use their fingerprints and paint to draw a picture on that. Besides, they can enjoy the attractive magic show and especially is Prizes drawing with many interesting gifts.

This September, we will also organize many unique Eco-Workshops with art experience for children. All of them can register to join Contest “Fun Quizzes about Risupia” or join “Make Birthday Hats”

Cooking with Panasonic – Make Cupcakes to celebrate Risupia’s birthday


In addition to activities for children, in September we will bring a cooking class “Make Cupcakes to celebrate Risupia’s birthday”. We are sure that this will be an interesting experience for mothers. Don’t forget that you will have a date with us on Sunday 10th Sep! 


As for kids (5-8 years old), Eco Workshop “Air balloons for Kids” will make them so excited. As for children (9-13 years old), don’t forget Eco Workshops “Zigzag Picture Album” and let’s register UberMath class – train mind and calculating ability through Mathematics Game “Investors and landlords”.

Beside these activities, we also prepare many photo backdrops – where children and their relatives can stop and take photos to save their memories with each other.    

Live our own childhood once again with traditional games 


Panasonic Risupia Vietnam promises to bring you all, both adults and children, a September with intact feelings back to childhood’s full moon. Under national tradition, the Mid-Autumn Festival is the festival in which people gather and be with each other to enjoy the time: adults sing traditional songs, children play traditional games and together watch Southern Lion Dance. A special cultural atmosphere will be reappeared at Risupia in September, not only make children have much more experience and together save this cultural quintessence but also help adults live their own childhood once again.

Children will play traditional games and save stickers to exchange attractive gifts. Besides, a Contest “Fun Quizzes about Mid-Autumn Festival” will be held, let’s join to widen our knowledge about Mid-Autumn and get more gifts from Risupia. 


Coming to Risupia on weekends (23,24,30 Sep and 01 Oct), all visitors will find out more about Tò he, watch many unique-shaped things made by rubber balloons, take photos under Mid-Autumn Festival atmosphere and especially enjoy traditional songs and Southern Lion Dance.

We are sure that this is a good chance for children to know more Vietnamese cultural traditions and a period of time for sharing good memories between parents and kids. 


Prizes drawing “Customer Loyalty Card”

In the afternoon 08th Sep, Risupia officially draw loyalty cards and announce the lucky people.

Cooking with MasterChef

In September, a series of cooking class with the direct guide from MasterChef Minh Nhat will take place on Sunday afternoon 17th Sep and 24th Sep. This cooking class will for sure help mothers have more useful cooking skills.