F-JPU70M, Ziaino™ Air Treatment Unit


Cleansing the air by HOCI water

• Air Treatment
• Effective Sterilization and Deodorization
• Inhibits bacteria & viruses
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What is ziaino™?​

As salt water is decomposed by electrolysis, Hypochlorous acid (electrolyzed water) is generated. The Hypochlorous acid possesses the properties of anti-bacteria / virus and deodorization by damaging the essential molecules of bacteria / viruses and decomposing the odor component, respectively.
What is ziaino™?​

How does the ziaino™ work

ziaino™ Air Treatment Unit generates Hypochlorous acid from salt water by the electrode unit, and the rotary sterilization filter dips with the solvent. As the polluted air passes through the filter, the bacteria, viruses and odors in the air are removed. The Hypochlorous acid is also vaporized and blown out with the airflow to inhibit the adhered bacteria and viruses synchronously.​
How does the ziaino™ work

Anti-bacteria / Virus

ziaino™ is an air purifier especially designed for eliminating virus and bacteria.
Not only purifying indoor air, ziaino™ also kills 99.99% of virus and bacteria*1(H1N1, E.Coli, EV71) that adhere to objects such as sofas, curtains and door handles by releasing HOCI(Hypochlorous acid water) significantly preventing cross infection.
*1 [Test Lab] Guangzhou Institute of Microbiology
H1N1 - [Report no.] KY20200509
E.Coli - [Report no.] KJ20202363
EV71 - [Report no.] KY20200659
Anti-bacteria / Virus


ziaino™ Air Treatment Unit not only cleans the air by the rotary sterilization filter dipped with Hypochlorous acid, it also vaporizes the solvent in the air .The vaporized Hypochlorous acid also decompose the odor components of the smell in the air achieving deodorization effect.​

Non-mist Operation

Unlike common disinfection devices which release Hypochlorous acid as particulates by mean of mist or spray, Panasonic ziaino™ Air Treatment Unit vaporizes HOCl acid through the rotary sterilization filter and blow out by airflow after electrolysis of salt water.​

The concentration of Hypochlorous acid is less than 0.1 ppm that is much lower than the high limit of safety level (*3).​
*3 EU standard (long term exposure) 0.5 ppm
Non-mist Operation

Continuous Disinfection

ziaino™ Air Treatment Unit comes with a water supply tank of 7-liter capacity; it allows the product to operate continuously for about 14 hours in medium speed after replenishment of water and salt tablet. It can minimize the resources for manual periodical disinfection.​
Under condition of room Temperature 20°C, R.H. 30%.​
Time for water replenishment may differ subject to room condition, water consumption would be comparatively slow in humid or cold environment.​
Continuous Disinfection

Adjustable Electrolysis Intensity

ziaino™ Air Treatment Unit features the 3-level selection for the electrolysis intensity. The output amount of Hypochlorous acid can be adjusted to improve the sterilization and deodorization effect in the room. Coupling with the 3-speed selection, the unit can clean the air efficiently in different environment.​
Adjustable Electrolysis Intensity
*2 [Test Lab] Panasonic Ecology Systems Co., Ltd.​ [Test Method] Filled with certain concentration of odor component in the 9.7 m² test room and verified by Gas detection tube method​. [Deodorizing Method] F-JDS70 operate in hi-speed​. [Deodorizing Object] Indoor air​. [Test Result] The concentration after 60 minutes​. About 92% decrease (Vs initial)​. About 77% decrease (Vs natural decay)​

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Photo of F-JPU70M, Ziaino™ Air Treatment Unit

Size and Weight


Clear status indicator at front display​

Salt input confirm button to avoid negligence

3-speed selection​

3 level of electrolysis intensity​

Safety lock / indicator​

Air Volume [m/min.]

  • High

    • 7
  • Medium

    • 4
  • Low

    • 2

Power Consumption [W]

  • High

    • 72
  • Medium

    • 31
  • Low

    • 20

Noise [db(A)]

  • High

    • 49
  • Medium

    • 37
  • Low

    • 20

Continous operation time with full water [Hour]

  • High

    • 9.6
  • Medium

    • 14
  • Low

    • 22.6

Dimensions (H X W X L) [mm]

  • 730 X 510 X 307

Weight [Kg]

  • 17

Applicable area [Sq ft]

  • 1000

Safety lock / Indicator

Brightness On/Off

Salt input on button

Door Alert

Water Refill Alert

Drain Alert

Salt Input alert

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