AC/Rechargeable Beard/Hair Trimmer ER-GB75


Style and design your hair and beard

A stylish high-precision beard trimmer for cool beard styling.




Versatile attachments for various styles

Simply changing the attachment lets you groom your beard, hair and body hair easily. Use for trimming your beard evenly, making sharp lines, detailing and fine retouching, and hair cutting.

Acute 45° blade

Acute 45° blade

Durable stainless steel blades with an acute 45° edge enable precise cutting.
Sharp cutting edges quickly cut even thick and hard hairs.

Precision trimmer for
detailed trimming

Precision trimmer for detailed trimming

Convenient for detailed styling such as grooming a moustache or soul patch. Also useful for cutting sideburns and long hairs.

Comb attachment for hair

Clip on attachment and adjust to desired length. Convenient for clipping hair around your ears and at the nape.
Length adjustment from 11-20 mm enables smooth, tug-free cutting.

Comb attachment for body hair

Evenly trimming leg and chest hair creates a clean impression.
The attachment protects skin so you can gently trim delicate areas. Wash the unit with water when finished.

LED charge indicator

LED charge indicator

The indication lamp shows in red while charging.

Cord / cordless operation

Cord / cordless operation

Use with or without a cord. Charging enables convenient cordless use in the bathroom and when you are away from home.

Easy maintenance

Easy maintenance

Allows water to flow freely through the unit, for quick and easy maintenance.

Universal voltage

Universal voltage

Compatible with 100-240 volts, enabling use worldwide with the appropriate country adapter.


AC/Rechargeable Beard/Hair Trimmer ER-GB75
Precision trimmer for detailed trimming
Comb attachment for hair and body hair

Get Inspired

Full Beard
A popular beard style providing a rugged, masculine look that projects a fashionable, cool mood.
Five O'clock Shadow
The ideal beard when you want to add a touch of spice to a formal style. Recommended if you have a heavy beard, it makes a sexy, cool impression.
Projecting a relaxed mood, this style matches casual clothes and works well almost everywhere, even in the office.
Chin Strap
The chin strap follows the jawline in a neatly trimmed "strap" of hair. Try it with or without a moustache to get just the look you want.
The Balbo is very short, so you can get pretty creative when shaping it and still be able to show a professional face at the office.
Circle Beard
This style has remained popular since the '80s. It softens the jawline to make your face look rounder for a more manly appearance.
Moustache and Goatee
A great style for sparse beards, a goatee conveys uniqueness and confidence. It also makes your face look slimmer.






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