Beard/Hair Trimmer


Precise beard/hair trimming with sharper blades





For hair trimming

For hair trimming

Possible to style hair in combination with your own comb or finger. Thining attachiment for natural-looking finish simply by stroking the hair.

For beard trimming

For beard trimming

Quick adjust dial for easy length setting Turn dial to easily adjust comb up and down into 12 settings from 2-18 mm. No need for multiple comb attachments.

Blade replacement

Easy and safe blade replacement.

Cord/cordless operation

AC rechargeable, providing up to 40 minutes of cordless usage.

Stainless steel blad

Long lasting stainless steel blade


Beard/Hair Trimmer
12 Cutting Length Adjustments
2 - 18 mm
Universal Voltage
Stainless steel blade


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