EH-HW17 Product tutorial

EH-HW17 Product tutorial

nanoe Hair Straightener


1. Comb and Dampen your hair

Brush your hair to ensure it is lying in the same direction. Dampen your hair using a base styling product, water or a wet towel. In the case of using the styling product, lightly moisten the surface and underlying hair by applying the spray evenly from a distance of approximately 10 cm.

2. Bundle and pin to hold your hair into four sections for easy styling.

If you have thick hair, separating the hair into more blocks will make the styling easier.

3. Hold a bundle of hair with a width of approximately 3 cm.

Clamp hair firmly in the centre of plates.
Do not take much hair as it may be difficult to curl your hair.

4. Rotate the main body inwards with both hands.

After clamping a bundle of hair, rotate the main body through an angle amounting to slightly more than a half-rotation (180°).

5. Tilt the main body 10° and clamp the bundle of hair.

Clamp the bundle of hair in the center of the Iron Plate.
Clamp the hair just above the point at which you want to make curls.

6. After the half-rotation, ensure that the hair tips protrude towards the back of the head.

7. Slide down to the hairtips.

Keeping the compact multi straightener in the half-rotated position, slide it straight down towards the hair ends while clamping the bundle of hair.
Move the compact multi straightener slowly (at a speed slower than ordinary brushing).

8. Finish

Grip the root of an already created curl with your hand.

Then move it up and down.
It will give you a more defined curl. Do not detangle the finished curls until the hair cools down.

Style your hair using hair cream, wax, etc.
If styling product adheres to the compact multi
straightener, please refer to the cleaning procedure.


For outward curls

Rotate the main body outwards.

The only difference is the direction in which you rotate the main body.
Otherwise, follow the steps for inward curls.


Before Styling



Comb your hair thoroughly with brush or comb to loose tangles


Turn on the heat

One minute before starting to style, turn on the switch to heat the iron plate.


Carefully place fingers on the plate

To avoid burns, do not touch the shaded area when the iron is turned on.


Practice with the power off

Please practice with the power off until you get used to it.

Tips for the Best Results


Take a small amount of hair

Take 3cm of bundle of your hair for beautiful finish.


Clamp hair in the center

Place your hair in the center of the plates and clamp firmly.


Curl more than 180°

Curl inward or outward half a turn.
For Strong curl, turn the iron more


Tilt the iron tip to your back

Tilting the hair iron 10 degrees towards the back of your head to provide enough tension on hair to cerate beautiful curls.

* If your hair has strong curls or is particularly thick or hard, you may not be able to straighten your hair using the compact multi straightener alone.
In this case, applying a commercially available styling product (for hair-straightening) will help with the straightening.


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