EH-HW19 Product tutorial

EH-HW19 Product tutorial

Hair Straightener


1. Comb your hair

Brush your hair to ensure it is lying in the same direction.

2. Bundle and pin to hold your hair into four sections for easy styling.

If you have thick hair, separating the hair into more blocks will make the styling easier.

3. Hold a bundle of hair with a width of approximately 5 cm.

Clamp hair firmly in the centre of plates.
Do not take much hair as it may be difficult to straighten.

4. Clamp the bundle of hair with the Press Plate underneath the hair.

Clamp the bundle of hair in the center of the Iron Plate.
Put the Tangle Loose Comb on the surface of hair and clamp it.

5. Move the compact multi straightener slowly straight toward the hair ends.

Straighten at a speed slower than ordinary brushing.

Recommended speeds
(from scalp to hair ends)
-Short Approx. 3 sec.
-Semi-long Approx. 4-5 sec.
-Long Approx. 7-8 sec.

6. If you find the hair hard to straighten.

If you find the hair hard to straighten, slide the compact multi straightener while holding the press plate tips.

When hair is clamped, do not hold the compact multi straightener in the same position. Doing so may damage or even cut the hair.

7. Finish

Style your hair using hair cream, wax, etc.


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