Step by Step Tutorial for Bouncy Hair


1. Preparation: Wipe wet hair gently with a towel.

Switch on the dryer
Select the intensity of the airflow with the main switch.

2. Set “Bouncy Style comb”

Change the nozzle to “Bouncy Style comb”

3. Blow-dry the roots to dry your scalp.

Blow-dry from the roots to the ends while smoothing hair with your fingers.Leave your hair slightly damp.

*Be sure to hold it at least 3 cm to an optimum distance of 10 cm from hair.

4. Adding volume around the face

Run the comb through your hair, sliding up towards your crown. Slowly repeat 2 or 3 times.
Twisting and lifting the comb as you dry makes your hair beautifully bouncy.

5.Increasing the volume around the top of the head.

Move the comb in a circular motion 2 or 3 times.
Continue drying the roots to create volume, then lift the comb up.

6. Keep the volume

Hold it for approximately 3 seconds then pull it towards the back of the head.
Tips: Be careful to style only the roots of the hair, and not to curl the hair tips.

7. Blow straight down the side hair

Blow-dry the rest of your hair while sliding the comb towards the ends.

8. Drying wavy hair

If you have curly hair, use the diffuser and blow from the bottom while lifting hair.
You can keep your hair’s wave while drying, by placing your hair on top of the “Bouncy style™” comb.

9. Finish

Now your hair is soft and bouncy with exceptional lift and volume.


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