Panasonic Recipe Selections App

Panasonic Recipe Selections App

Enjoy delicious recipes from Panasonic Cooking on your tablet.


Gone are the days when the kitchen was considered merely as a functional space.

Today the kitchen is the hi-tech heart and soul of a home and has its own unique identity. It is much more than a place where we cook food - it provides us physical and spiritual nourishment! With sleek, stylish and articulately designed appliances adorning our kitchens today – we don’t just feed our near and dear ones but we give them an opportunity to experience a sophisticated lifestyle!

We at Panasonic strongly believe that ease of use, speed and efficiency can make the daily task of cooking an eagerly anticipated event and we are constantly working towards creating a whole new dimension to your kitchen experience!

While complementing today’s modern kitchens, our exclusive and stylish gamut of products range from Microwave ovens, meat grinders, food processors, mixer grinders, hand/stand mixers, juicer mixers etc.
Right from size, colour, design, quality, features, and most importantly safety, we feature the latest in technology including time saving to energy efficient solutions. Our products are designed reflecting your good taste in kitchen and we will keep supporting your evolving lifestyles with our latest products!

Panasonic Cooking is an App that has 68 recipes of mouth-watering dishes prepared by reputed Chefs Rakesh Puri and Uwe Michel. Download the Panasonic Cooking Recipe App free on your tablet to prepare a full meal - drinks, chutneys & dips, soups, salads, starters, rice & noodles, main courses and desserts using Panasonic Kitchen Appliances.