Microwave / Grill Oven NN-GF574M


Time-Saving Meals by Simultaneous Cooking

• 27 L Grill Microwave Oven
• Flat & Wide Cavity
• Simultaneous Combination Cooking
• 22 Auto Cook Menus
• Precise Power Control
• Clear, Linear Design
• LED Oven Light



Increased cooking space

Increased cooking space

Use dishes of any form and size thanks to the innovative Flat & Wide design, which gives you a cooking area that is 31% bigger when compared to conventional turntable models.

Combination Cooking

Simultaneous Combination Cooking

The microwave power cooks foods quickly, while the grill provides ordinary browning and crispness. All this happens simultaneously, resulting in speedier cooking.

22 Auto Cook Menus

A total of 22 Auto Menus are provided in 8 categories:
Combi Meat, Combi Crispy, Auto Reheat, Melt & Soften, Vegetables, Fish/Chicken, Rice/Congee, and Pasta.
Simultaneous Combination Cooking technology makes the Combi Meat and Combi Crispy menus faster and more delicious.




Precise Power Control

The New Inverter Technology has enabled consecutive heating with low output. It softens hard, frozen ice cream, and gently melts foods like chocolate and cheese.



Stylish Clear, Linear Design

• Flameless Design
• Integrated Door Open Button


Microwave / Grill Oven NN-GF574M
Flat & Wide Cavity
Simultaneous Combination Cooking
22 Auto Cook Menus


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